Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

The best restaurants in Baku

Baku, the prosperous capital of Azerbaijan, is a vibrant city with a rich history dating back to the Roman Empire. Baku is an old, yet up-to-date and advanced city. Read more with us to introduce the best restaurants in this city.

Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

1.      Eleven Restaurant & Lounge

“Eleven Restaurant” is a Japanese restaurant in Baku, located on the 11th floor of the Park Hotel, with a beautiful view of the capital of Azerbaijan. This classy restaurant is a great choice for people who are interested in sushi and other Japanese and Asian dishes. Eleven Restaurant plays live music at night, making it a unique setting.

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]Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

2.      Avaz Dining & Lounge

Among the tourist attractions of Baku, this restaurant is a traditional restaurant where traditional Azerbaijani music is played in addition to the local food of the Azerbaijani people to show the local culture. The traditional menu of the restaurant as well as the special food of the chef tempts the customers to eat these delicious dishes. Popular dishes of this restaurant include prickly fish with ginger and vegetables, pumpkin soup, and lamb kebab.

Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

3.      The ART Garden

“The ART Garden” restaurant is one of the restaurants in the heart of Baku among the sights of Baku that you should try. The atmosphere of this restaurant is very excellent and generous. The restaurant consists of several private dining rooms traditionally decorated by local artists. The restaurant menu includes foods that are hard to resist. Experience a variety of classic sweets, Azeri tea prepared with traditional samovars, as well as live music in this restaurant. The ART Garden is truly a luxury restaurant.

Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

4.      Café City

“Café City” was named TripAdvisor’s Top Café in 2014. This restaurant is an unpretentious and excellent place with a warm, friendly and popular environment and its prices are reasonable. The restaurant menu includes very tasty dishes such as fried shrimp, dumplings, oriental cooked eggplant, potato pastries, smoked meat rolls, salads such as shrimp, fresh soup, pasta, pizza, homemade desserts such as tiramisu and ice cream.

5.      Chinar

Undoubtedly, “Chinar” restaurant is one of the most attractive restaurants in Baku. Located next to the statue of the legendary hero, the shadow of the only Chinar tree falls on it. Chinar Restaurant is the best choice for the best Asian dishes including Chinese and Thai dishes.

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6.      Sea Fish House

Seafood lovers can experience the delicious taste of these dishes in the seafood restaurant “Derya”. This large restaurant is a great place for families and their children and groups of friends. Derya restaurant is also located in the best part of the city where you can enjoy watching the sunset. The restaurant’s dishes are all fresh fish such as rotilus, carp, and a variety of tonic salads.

7.      ROOM Fine Art Winde & Dine

“ROOM” restaurant, due to its different design, conveys to the guests of the restaurant the feeling as if they are sitting in their room, and for this reason, it is different from other restaurants. Do not miss this different restaurant in any way. “ROOM” restaurant intends to provide the best service to its customers by offering quality food and displaying photos and fine arts in this restaurant.

8.      Sahil Bar & Restaurant

After walking and enjoying the beautiful beaches of Baku, you can choose the bar and restaurant “Sahil Bar” which is one of the most popular restaurants in Baku, and try its food and drinks to relieve fatigue and hunger. In this restaurant, with excellent and luxurious services, you can see a new view of Baku’s progress. The menu of the restaurant, like its interior decoration, is luxurious and aristocratic. The menu includes a variety of local dishes such as traditional kebabs, chicken, and lamb.

Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

9.      Scalini

“Scalini” restaurant is an Italian restaurant outside the city of Baku, which has brought the taste of Mediterranean cuisine to this Azeri capital. Undoubtedly, this restaurant is the best option for people who are looking for an alternative to traditional food and restaurants. Scalini restaurant evokes the atmosphere of a family restaurant in a small town in Italy. The restaurant menu includes a large number of popular Italian dishes.

Get to know the most popular restaurants in Baku

10. Sumakh

Sumakh Restaurant, which was named the best traditional-modern restaurant in TripAdvisor in 2014, is located right in the middle of Baku. The atmosphere of this restaurant has provided a very special and unique atmosphere and a combination of modern and traditional style for its guests by using interior design and modern paintings belonging to famous artists and at the same time using Asian carpets.

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