Gino Paradise Water Park Tbilisi, an exciting summer pastime (part1)

This water park has different parts such as Dinosaur Park, beach section, children section, emotional entertainment section and all kinds of water slides, cafes, restaurants, spa as well as access to the beach, which can be interesting for users. All the necessary facilities on the beach of this water park have been thought out for the welfare of the users, and there are different types of changing rooms, umbrellas, showers, and lounges, and you can also do various activities such as boating and jet skiing.

In Gino Spa Center, you can experience all kinds of massages, saunas, and various methods of hydrotherapy, and in other words, this is a place for you to relax!

Gino Paradise has a variety of pools that you can use depending on your interest and type of entertainment. Below you can be acquainted with some of them.

Wave pool

This pool is a large area where artificial waves are generated and you can have fun. The deepest part of this pool is 2 meters and its water temperature is between 28 and 30 degrees Celsius.

Aqua Bar

In this section, you can also use the drinks and bar services of this collection. The maximum water depth here is about one meter and the water temperature is between 34 and 36 degrees Celsius.

Relaxation pool

This pool with a depth of one meter and a water temperature of 30 degrees Celsius can be a good environment for you. The best experience in this part is the water massage, which is a special pleasure.

Wild River Episode

However, the roaring Gino Paradise River, with a depth of approximately one meter and a water temperature of 28 degrees Celsius, can be interesting for people who want to travel by tube in the roaring currents of the river.

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