We have probably all heard of Nelson Mandela and his struggles against racial apartheid in South Africa; But the interesting facts about this land are not limited to this historical fact.

If you think you know everything about South Africa, be certain that by reading the following article you will change your mind about this wonderful and diverse land as a whole; Join us as we explore 12 audible facts about South Africa, from exciting entertainment to its unique drinks.

11 official languages ​​in South Africa

South Africa has a diverse and wide culture and for this reason 11 different languages ​​are recognized in this country.

These languages ​​include Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English, Northern Sotho, Tswana, Soto, Tsonga, Swazi, Wanda, and Ndebele. Fortunately, most people in this country can speak English as a first or second language; So tourists will not have to worry about translation.

A country known as the Rainbow Nation

Despite its many official languages, South Africa can be boldly considered a mixture of diverse and diverse cultures. This land has a population of more than 55 million, which is composed of different races and traditions, and (the rainbow nation) is a fitting name for this country.

The largest diamond in the world

In 1905, the world’s largest uncut diamond was discovered in the Cullinan area near Pretoria. Weighing 3,106 carats, the diamond now adorns the British royal crown. It is rumored that even larger diamonds will be discovered here; Until then, wander the streets of this area and visit the museum and the mine that is located in this area to get acquainted with its history.

The richest hominin fossil center in Africa

The oldest remains of modern humans (hominins) have been discovered in South Africa, most of which are 160,000 years old. The area known as the Cradle of Humankind is one of the most famous sites in South Africa, where thirteen caves and ancient Paleolithic sites have been discovered. Paleolithic art can be found all over the country, and all you have to do is put on your mountaineering shoes and walk in the right direction to see the Paleolithic artifacts.

The largest meteorite impact crater in the world

The Wordfurt Dome is a crater formed by a meteorite that is about 300 km wide. It is the largest and oldest meteorite crater in the world and is located near the small town of Parys in the Free State.

The world’s first successful heart transplant

On December 3, 1967, the first heart transplant was performed by Dr. Chris Barnard at Grootte Schuur Hospital in Cape Town. Although the patient, Lewis Vashkansky, survived only 18 days after surgery, the heart transplant was successful. After the operation, Dr. Barnard performed 10 more transplants, in which one of the heart recipients lived for 23 years.

The tallest bungee jumping spot in the world

Bloukrans Bridge, located at a height of 216 meters from the beautiful Bluecrans River, is the tallest bungee jumping jump in the world. Those who are not afraid, gather here to experience an exciting jump from the top of the bridge; A unique experience that you will not have anywhere else in the world. If you’re looking for a day full of excitement with high adrenaline, Paul Blokranz is the place to go. Even if you are a cautious person, you can still watch the lively and exciting view of the bungee jumpers jumping from inside the nearby bar. At the Bluecranes Bridge, expect tears to flow from the intensity of fear and excitement.

Hosting the largest and oldest one-day marathon in the world

The Comrades Marathon is an annual competition held in the state of KwaZulu-Natal between Durban and Pietermaritzburg in June. Twenty thousand participants will compete in the 89 km route and have only 12 hours to reach the finish line. Fitness enthusiasts from all over the world travel to South Africa to take part in this sporting event, which also has a large audience in this land.

Johannesburg is the busiest city in South Africa

Johannesburg is the country’s economic hub; But apart from the hustle and bustle, it has an urban forest with more than six million trees that many people know as an artificial forest. In Johannesburg, it is best to find a high place like the Westcliff Hotel and have a drink. Sit back and watch this beautiful view. Considering the 23.6% tree cover in Johannesburg, it does not occur to you at all that you live in a crowded international city.

The largest producer of mohair wool in the world

South Africa, especially the Karoo region, is the largest producer of mohair in the world, which is made from goat hair. When traveling to South Africa, all you have to do is walk into the shops along the road and photograph the clothes and accessories made of mohair wool.

The only producer of Rooibos tea

Ribos tea is a popular beverage that evokes the name of South Africa. This drink is currently sold in 60 countries around the world. Ribos is made from a plant called Aspalathus linearis, which grows only in the Siderberg area; So when you buy this tea abroad in South Africa, make sure of its authenticity and quality.

A diverse and vast country

South Africa is wider and five times larger than the United Kingdom than most people think. This land has a variety of landscapes, including the unique flowers of the world, vast plains and of course its diverse wildlife. Needless to say, you will never be able to see all over this vast country on a day trip by car. For this reason, it is necessary to make a good plan so that you can see all the spectacular sights of this country as much as possible.

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