Hector Pieterson Memorial, Soto

Located in West Orlando, the museum is dedicated to students who rose against apartheid, especially schoolchildren who protested in Soto on June 16, 1976. They protested against secondary education in black schools in South Africa. Many of them lost their lives that day, 13 years since the museum opened.

Roots Center, Johannesburg

The center of roots is focused on the expression of modern human history, especially in South Africa. The museum displays a vast collection of paleoanthropological, archaeological, and genetic materials that trace its origins to human evolution.

Visitors to the Roots Center follow an 80,000-year-old path in search of art and culture that inspires all human beings.

South African Jewish Museum, Cape Town

The museum was built in South Africa’s first synagogue, Old Shul, in 1863 and was established as a landmark in Cape Town. Visitors can see live performances in which South African Jews help build large settlements in the country. The museum is a combination of traditional and contemporary architecture.

South African National Gallery, Cape Town

The National Gallery is a space for displaying works of art not only from South Africa but also from other African countries as well as Europe. Art items from their permanent collection are regularly changed and visitors will have wider access to different exhibitions of different works. In addition to painting, photography, and sculpture, decoration, fabric, and architecture are also available in this museum.

South African Military History Museum, Johannesburg

The museum opened in 1947 and is called the South African War Museum. In 1975, it expanded to include the history of all the wars in which the country participated. The Military Historical Collection contains a considerable treasure trove of everything from military hardware, decorations, and medals, and small arms.

Melrose House, Pretoria

This gigantic Victorian mansion was built in 1886 and played an important role in the Anglo-Boer Wars. The Vereeniging Peace Treaty, which ended Boer’s Second War, was signed here. Today, the museum is an example of the transition from Victorian architecture and decoration to Edwardian and exhibits two wars against Britain.

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