Construction of Europe’s tallest skyscraper is nearing completion!

The Lakhta Center tower with a height of 462 meters and 87 floors is inaugurated as the thirteenth tallest skyscraper in the world. The Lakhta Center is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, on the Gulf of Finland.

The building is designed in such a way that it rotates 90 degrees from the ground floor to the top of the tower, which makes it one of the tallest buildings with a twisted architectural style. A large, low-rise building was built next to the tower for services, and a large portion of the tower space is dedicated to commercial offices. Upstairs, a restaurant, a viewing platform, conference halls, sports and leisure complexes, and a skyscraper will be established. The view of the Gulf of Finland from the upper floors is amazing and breathtaking.

Before Lakhta Center, the tallest tower in Europe, there was another Russian tower in Moscow called the Tower of the Russian Federation, which is 374 meters high. It is interesting to know that the next six ranks of the list also belong to the Russian skyscrapers, and only the London Shard Tower with a height of 310 meters in this list could be the tallest in Europe in 2012.

Gazprom’s new headquarters

Construction of Lakhta Center began in 2012 and was officially opened in 2019. The tower is to serve as the main headquarters of Russia’s Gazprom. One of Gazprom’s subsidiaries built the tower. According to the architects of the project, the exterior of the tower was completed by the end of summer 2018, and all the interior facilities were ready for use by 2019.

Gazprom had been seeking to build its headquarters in St. Petersburg for several years. First, it wanted to build a large center called Gazprom City in 2006. Locals and officials opposed it because it damaged the city’s historic fabric. After years of squabbling over the construction site of Gazprom, it was finally decided to build the tall tower in the Lakhta area outside the city center.

Green features and environmental friendliness

The exterior of the Lakhta Center is covered with 16,500 glass panels. These have automatic valves to adjust to the temperature, which saves energy. Next to the tower, water treatment facilities have been installed to reduce water consumption. According to the designers of Lakhta Center Tower, the energy efficiency of the tower is 40%.

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