Everything about all of Bali’s dream beaches here

Whenever someone mentions Bali’s name, we involuntarily think of the “beach” probably all of us or at least many of us, are Anitarians.  Choosing a Bali tour can make your trip a dream and forever memorable.  It is not irrelevant to say that Bali is a land of beaches, but in this beautiful land, several beaches are not only excellent but also far from the crowds and tourists.

Balangan beach

The bald beach is stunning, with soft white sands that stretch across the sea.  Not only is it a great place to relax, but its roaring waves are a blessing in disguise.

The sea waves on this beach sometimes reach several meters, so it attracts many professional surfers worldwide. Besides, there are many cafes along the beach that you can choose one of and order one of Bali’s local dishes and enjoy the view in front of you.

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Seminyak beach

Seminyak is a 3 km beach that does not have attractive waves for surfing, but instead, you can relax and swim.

Of course, this beach is well known and touristy, but it is more secluded than Kuta beach, and there are many beautiful beach hotels around it that you can stay in one of them and enjoy the sun on the clean, complete and beautiful beach.

Canggu beach

If you are into surfing and would like to have many options for this sport, you should go to the Congo beach.  This beach has 2 excellent surfing points where you can do this exciting sport and become the king of the waves!

Nusa Dua beach

Nosa Deva Beach is an all-exclusive area surrounded by luxury hotels, a chic shopping mall and 18 very luxurious golf courses.  If you have always wanted to go to a luxury beach, Nosa Dava is for you!  And besides, it is very safe and quiet.

Uluwatu beach

Olato is a beautiful beach, hidden under high cliffs and surrounded by rugged and fast waves.  This beach has waves that can quickly test the surfing skills; this is one of the most popular beaches for professional surfers and an excellent place for adventurers.

Kuta Beach

Kuta beach is a beach full of colorful umbrellas and chairs with special and unique views, which with its calm sea and sandy beach, has been able to turn from a small fishing village into one of Bali’s tourist areas.

Kuta Beach Hotels all have a private beach, and with their rooms opening to the sea, they offer a luxurious stay to their guests.

Restaurants and cafes along the beach have also made Kuta even more famous by offering delicious food and drinks.

Kuta is a long beach full of diverse water sports.  So you can have a great walk on the soft sands of the beach, swim in clear waters and glass, have a great meal in a stylish restaurant and enjoy another hundred fun on the coast of Kuta Bali.

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