Ten Attractions You Should Not Visit!

The fascination and wonder of the world’s tourist attractions does not always convince people to visit them. Some of these beauties are either located in a dangerous place or are deadly under their own beautiful and spectacular shell. Join us to get acquainted with the most dangerous tourist attractions in the world.

Ten Attractions You Should Not Visit!

1.Garamba National Park – Democratic Republic of the Congo

Congo is one of the most troubled countries in the world, where various civil wars have taken place, some of which have been called the World War in Africa. Although the war is officially over today, the country is still battling insurgents and military forces in the north and east of the country. Unfortunately, there is also a beautiful national park in this part of the country, Garamba National Park, which opened in 1938 and is one of the oldest national parks in Africa. However, due to the dangers that exist in these areas, usually no one visits this park, except for a small number of hunters who take advantage of this situation and hunt animals.

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Ten Attractions You Should Not Visit!

2.Lascaus Caves – France

The paintings on the walls of these caves are almost 17,000 years old and are one of the best examples of art in prehistoric times. These paintings were discovered in 1948 and could be visited by the public until 1963, but after that, due to the excessive presence of people and their traffic could damage the cave and the ancient monuments, the cave is no longer on Visitors were closed. Although you may never be able to see the original paintings on the cave walls, similar specimens are on display near the cave.

Ten Attractions You Should Not Visit!

3.Danakil Depression – Ethiopia

Ethiopia itself is one of the most insecure countries in which terrorist attacks and kidnappings occur frequently. But if you do not fall prey to such events and travel to this country, you can see one of the most beautiful and dangerous places on earth in this country. Danakil can be considered the hottest spot on earth where there is no rain during the year. Although this natural phenomenon is colorful and eye-catching, it is equally violent and dangerous. This region has boiling sulfuric acid lakes, which are very dangerous to deal with the body.

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Ten Attractions You Should Not Visit!

4. Socotra Island – Yemen

The island of Socotra is one of the most unique islands in the world, which many place next to the Galapagos Islands in terms of beauty and uniqueness. But reaching Socotra Island is not an easy task. You must first enter Yemen, which is banned by many countries due to the ongoing conflicts and wars in this country. But if you enter Yemen, the next step is to go to this island, which you can not do by plane, because the country has closed its airspace, so it is only possible to go by sea, which is also difficult to find by boat. To be willing to travel this route to the island of Socotra.

The Niger River Delta - Nigeria

5.The Niger River Delta – Nigeria

The Niger River Delta is d the third largest mangrove forest in the world. But the natural beauty of this region has been affected by the spill of oil into the water, so that some call it oil rivers. Over the past 50 years, the delta has become the most polluted point in the world, pumping about 240,000 barrels of oil a year. This has had a devastating effect on the region’s ecosystem, and in addition, more than 200 aquatic organisms have died as a result of this pollution.

The Niger River Delta - Nigeria

6.Mount Kailash – Tibet

Kailash Mountain is one of the holiest peaks in the world, which is of great importance in Hindu and Buddhist religions. This place attracts many pilgrims every year, most people come to visit Manasarvar Lake and can see the view of this mountain from the side of this lake, but no one is allowed to climb this mountain. Due to the religious beliefs of the people of this region, climbing this mountain is forbidden and to this day no one has been able to climb its peak.

The Niger River Delta - Nigeria

7.Bukit Soeharto – Indonesia

The tropical forests on the Indonesian island of Kalimantan, near Malaysia, are as biodiversity-rich as they are natural. However, due to operations such as mining, the island’s environment has been badly damaged and the surrounding rivers have been severely polluted.Severe deforestation in the area has caused the extinction of many living things on the island and poisoned the island’s land for habitation. Bukit Suharto National Park is getting smaller every year and a large part of its forests have been burned and destroyed. Although the island and its national park were very beautiful and eye-catching in the past, today the trip to this place brings only ugly images and destroyed forests.

The Niger River Delta - Nigeria

8.Ilha Da Queimada Grande – Brazil

For people who are interested in snakes, visiting this remote island can be exciting, but no matter how much you are interested in snakes, this area will be dangerous for you. This small Brazilian island is home to various species of snakes and it is estimated that there is one snake per square meter. For some people, going to this island may be a unique experience, but it can also be deadly because many of these snakes are venomous and it is not clear how long they will survive if they bite someone. For this reason, access to the island is limited to the Brazilian Navy and some researchers who are allowed to enter.

The Niger River Delta - Nigeria

9.Alnwick Poison Garden – England

The flowers are beautiful and fragrant, but when walking in this garden, remember that you should not make any flowers! Because in this garden there are the most poisonous plants and flowers in the world. Although the plants and flowers in this garden are poisonous, this garden is still officially allowed to grow such plants.

Umpolo Forest Reserve - Angola

10. Umpolo Forest Reserve – Angola

The protected Umpolo Forest in Angola covers an area of ​​more than 4,000 square kilometers and contains a variety of exotic plants that appeal to some tourists. But at the same time, the park hosts something more terrifying, landmines. More than 10 million landmines have been buried in Angola as a result of years of civil war. Although Angola is at peace today and there is no war ahead, many of the landmines planted are still buried in the ground and have become a major problem in the country. Although many of these mines have already been defused and demining operations are ongoing, some have predicted that the country will not be cleared of mines until at least 2045. Therefore, anyone who walks in this country, especially in this forest, must be very careful in his steps.

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