The dreaded group of Kuala Lumpur monkeys is right!

Most Kuala Lumpur monkeys are of the Macaque breed. Today, most of these monkeys live on the banks of rivers or in the beautiful forests of Kuala Lumpur, a short distance from humans and the city. The rapid process of urban development and growth has damaged the native habitat of these monkeys and changed their way of life and habits. Unfortunately, for many landowners, farmers, or indigenous peoples kill the monkeys sometimes kill the monkeys as a pest. Of course, the Malaysian government has strict rules to combat those who take action against native and wild animals and will deal severely with offenders if they are observed or reported. This government does not even allow individuals and landowners to cut down any trees, and sometimes the punishment for cutting down trees or killing an animal has been very high and severe.

Where do you see Kuala Lumpur monkeys?

Just walk a short distance from Kuala Lumpur’s suburbs to the hills and forests of the area to see the many monkeys in the area staring at you. The best place to see many of these monkeys interacting with city life is in the Batu Caves, a short distance from the city. These caves are said to have been places of worship for Hindus in the 19th century and home to thousands of macaque monkeys. To reach these caves and see the beautiful temple that has been built in these mountains, you have to climb 272 steps. It is interesting to know that according to a Hindu legend, whoever climbs the 272 steps for the first time and reaches the main cave will achieve any dream he has. As you climb these stairs, you will see many monkeys roaming freely around, and sometimes if they have something that they find interesting, they may steal it from you. Especially if you have a camera or glasses hanging from you.

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