The dreaded group of Kuala Lumpur monkeys is right! (part3)

Many tourists feed or drink these monkeys, and some take pictures. If you plan to feed these monkeys, it is better to know that bananas and peanuts are their favorite food. These monkeys are used to urban life and are not afraid of humans, so you do not need to be afraid of them. However, be careful not to be attacked. However, they are wild animals and you should not provoke them at all. Be sure to go to the nearest hospital if you are accidentally injured or bitten by one of these monkeys.

You can still see some of these Kuala Lumpur monkeys in the Orchid Flowers section of the Perdana Botanical Garden.

Cute but dangerous

You may think these monkeys are very funny, but they may not be as kind and funny as they seem. These monkeys also have other dark and insidious creatures that often act like a dreaded group of Kuala Lumpur monkeys. As you feed them, they are looking for an opportunity to steal anything they can get their hands on. Therefore, it is recommended that you do not take anything that hangs with you when visiting Batu Caves, such as wallets, glasses, flower rings that you buy at the entrance, or even a secret flower that attracts attention, and after the stairs. Go up. When it comes to Kuala Lumpur monkeys, everything from food to your passport and wallet is no longer safe. Just imagine what a tragedy that could happen to you if one of these monkeys stole your passport or wallet.

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