sculptures and statues in Saint Petersburg : A statue is a free-standing sculpture in which the realistic, full-length figures of persons or animals or non-representational forms are carved or cast in a durable material such as wood, metal or stone, Here are some beautiful

Columns of Alexander

The famous architect Auguste Montferrand in the Dvortsovaya Ploschad district erected the Alexander Column in 1834. At 47.5 meters, it symbolizes the victory of the Russian army over Napoleon and France in 1812. Alexander the Great is the tallest pillar in the world and is made of one piece of stone.

 This work shows a high level of human achievement. The Alexander Column is made of red granite in St. Petersburg and weighs 600 tons.

Kovalev’s ruling nose or Mayor Kovalev’s Nose

The nose of the mayor and ruler Kovalev is an unusual monument in Saint Petersburg. The sculpture is based on a fictional character written by Nikolay Gogo and was immortalized in October 1995 in a house in Voznesensky. If one reads this story and then goes to this statue, the pleasure of watching it will be multiplied for him.

This work is made of a gray limestone that seems to be between 60 and 35 cm in size. At the bottom of the statue, there is an image of a nose made of Ukrainian pink marble.

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The Rostral Column

Today the collection is on display on Vasilevsky Island. During the imperialist period, the nurse column was used as a guiding element to find the path. The oil was poured into a bowl on top of the pillar and left on at night to show the way. Currently, column lights are only lit in special cases. For example, when there are big celebrations in the city, the bright pillar shines at night. The Rostral column was built at 50 rubles along the Nova River. At the base of the column are statues of two women. The name of the column comes from the metal image of Rostom or the bow of the ship that is embossed on both sides of the column.


The Chizik-Pezhik Monument is a very popular monument among tourists of all ages. This building is located in Fontanka near the water. Locals fell in love with the little hero shortly after the statue was erected, and soon believed that if they tossed small coins near the bird’s legs, their wishes would come true.

Chizhik-Pyzhik is the smallest monument in St. Petersburg. It is only 11 cm high and weighs only five kilograms. Due to its small size, this monument has been stolen more than seven times.

Sinfa sphinxes

If you look closely at the city of St. Petersburg, you will see that the whole city is decorated with sculptures of many animals, birds, and mythical creatures. There are 14 types of sphinxes in Saint Petersburg, but the most important is near the university in front of the entrance to the Academy of Arts. These sculptures are imported directly from Egypt. Scientists believe that their age is about 3.5 thousand years. Russian traveler and diplomat Movaevov is said to have seen one of the sphinxes in Alexandria and was impressed, after which he asked the Russian ambassador to buy the statues for Russia. In the end, his request went to the parliament and it was approved.

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