The tallest waterfall in the world above an urban skyscraper!

To see the waterfalls, you have to travel miles from cities and into nature to enjoy the scenery, sound, and coolness of the waterfalls, but the designers of a Chinese construction company realized this interest in waterfalls and the idea came to them: “Shouldn’t we build a waterfall on the skyscraper?” The same idea has now been implemented and has set the record for the tallest artificial waterfall in the world.

This skyscraper is located in Guizhou Province, Guiyang City. The water descending from the height of the skyscraper is beautiful, and especially when the weather is sunny, it creates a beautiful rainbow in front of the skyscraper. Pumping water to a height of 106 meters requires four large pumps, and therefore the cost of electricity to keep the artificial waterfall permanently on is very high. The cost of electricity for this waterfall is about $ 100 per hour, as it turns out, they only light the waterfall on certain days or occasions.

The most famous and one of the most beautiful waterfalls in China called Huangguoshu is located in this province and according to the project officials, the construction of this waterfall on a skyscraper will also help attract tourists to this area.

People had many negative reactions to this project because they believe that a lot of water and electricity is wasted in this waterfall. On the other hand, the project officials say that this waterfall will not always be bright and will only be used for special ceremonies.

The city of Guyang is growing rapidly and large numbers of surrounding cities have migrated here. Five years ago, the province was one of the poorest in China, but now the government is looking to build a large data center in the city. It is because of these large investments that the city is growing rapidly, for example, large data centers for Apple, Google, and Amazon will be set up in the city. As you can see, bigger and stranger buildings and skyscrapers will be built in Guyana. Remember that if you want to make your next trip to China, go to this skyscraper when it is active and you can enjoy watching it and take exciting photos and videos of it.

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