The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi

Kusadasi is one of the most popular Mediterranean ports in Turkey; In this city, everything is related to the sun, the sea and the fun holidays. Known for its convenient shopping and entertainment venues, it has become a popular destination for European tourists over the past few decades. Kusadasi hotels are located along the beach, which is why the beaches are crowded during the peak tourist seasons. But Kusadasi is not limited to the beach, the sea and the sun. The ancient sites around it, such as the Priene Priene and the natural beauty of the Dilek Peninsula, are so attractive that sun and water lovers will also be invited for day trips.

The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi

 Güvercin Ada

Right next to the port of Kusadasi is a 350-meter-long passage that leads to the beautiful Pigeon Island, where the remains of a 13th-century Byzantine fortress (later a pirate settlement) rest on a cliff. . Island-like fence walls that surround parts of it were added later in the 19th century. Pigeon Island is a great place to walk by the sea, and there is also a beautiful cafe. This is a place where you can go for an evening stroll and watch the sunset.

The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi

Port area

Most of Kusadasi’s tourist attractions are located in its port area. The caravanserai located in this area was built by Mehmet Pasha in 1618. The facade of this caravanserai was renovated in the 60’s and has been operating as the caravanserai hotel since 1967. In this area, it is enough to go a little to the southwest, and there you can still find half-timbered houses in the traditional style of the area, which date back to the nineteenth century. The southern gate of the old city is still standing here. The market area, which is full of Turkish souvenirs, also starts right in front of the port.

The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi

 Kadınlar Denizi

Located two kilometers from the city, this beach is the most popular strip of sand that surrounds Kusadasi. In this section, a variety of water sports are available to keep you active and happy. If you are hungry, you can visit the various cafes on the beach or rent umbrellas and sun loungers if you wish. In summer, these beaches are full of local families and foreign tourists. Of course, these beaches are a little more secluded on weekdays, but do not expect to find empty space on this beach in July and August.

The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi


The ruins of the Hellenistic city of Priene are located in the middle of mountainous landscapes and have created a very beautiful and suitable landscape for photography. The peak period of this ancient port was between 300 and 45 BC, which was full of traders and various activities. The sediments of the winding river of this region destroyed the city and in the second century AD, the Priene became uninhabited. The main attraction of this area is the Temple of Athens with its unique classical architecture, whose theater with 6500 seats is well preserved. You can include a visit to the Priene with Miletus on a day trip.

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The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi


Like the Priene, Miletus is a port city from the Hellenistic period, and since its port did not suffer from sedimentation problems, it continued to exist until the Seljuk and fourteenth centuries. This means that the ruins in this area belong to different time periods. If you visit Miletus, do not miss the large theater, especially from the upper rows. This theater dates back to the Greek era, but the Romans rebuilt it completely. Just above this theater are some of the walls of the Byzantine castle, and to the east are the remains of the Temple of Apollo. To the south is the Faustina Bath, which is amazingly well preserved. The Seljuk caravanserai and more Greco-Roman ruins are also located in this area. In addition to what has been said, there is a good museum in this area that deals with the history of Miletus and the Priene.

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This Hellenistic religious center is associated with the prophecy of Didyma and is home to the second largest temple in the ancient world. The Temple of Apollo still has its tall columns (there were once 122) and is one of the best examples of a preserved Greek temple in Turkey. Didyma’s prophecy was of great importance in the ancient world and was second only to Delphi. It was only under the rule of Constantine the Great and his conversion to Christianity that the effect of this prophecy faded.


The beautiful village of Kirazli, surrounded by orchards, conveys a sense of timelessness.

This is a great place to spend an afternoon or sightseeing in the back alleys of a Turkish village with its white house that makes you feel good. In this village, there are various cafes and restaurants where you can experience a unique feeling of relaxation. If you are one of those food-loving tourists, come to this village on Saturday so that you can visit the farmers’ market where local organic products are sold.

The top tourist attractions of Kusadasi

Dilek Peninsula

The peninsula, with its stunning mountain scenery and stunning coastal scenery, is a national park located 26 km from Kusadasi, making it a popular destination for day trips. There are many beaches for swimming and sunbathing on the peninsula, including Aydinlik Beach and Caruso Coyo. Zeus Cave is one of the popular tourist attractions in this area. In addition, the network of forest trails provide great opportunities for nature walks, which should be included in the list of activities of nature lovers who want to be a little away from the city and its hustle and bustle.

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