Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Yuyuan Garden and Market

Yuyuan Garden is one of Shanghai’s landmarks among Shanghai’s tourist attractions, with shaded pavilions, glamorous pools full of fish, mansions, pines planted eagerly to create a sidewalk for tourists, but weekends It gets very crowded. Spring and summer blossoms give a special scent and attraction to the garden, especially the luxurious petals of Magnolia Grandiflora, which is a special flower of Shanghai. Other trees include Iuohan pine, with thick coniferous leaves, willow tree, forty coin tree, cherry tree and magnificent dawn mammoth tree.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

The Bund

This neighborhood is a symbol of Shanghai Prosperity and the revival of Bund Street, Wall Street City, the site of a thriving business of gaining and losing wealth. Originally a way to transport rice boats, the Bund (an Anglo-Indian term for embankment from a muddy pier) gradually became a large, bustling port and Shanghai trading center. The most desirable activity here is to simply walk and compare the past ossification of the area with its futuristic geometric space.

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Most of the buildings with decorative and neoclassical arts were built here in the early 20th century and offer a great view for those who visit the port by secret boat. Today it serves as a designer retail store and an area full of restaurants, and the city’s most fashionable boutiques, restaurants and hotels are only on Bund Street. Other options include boating on the Huangpu River or enjoying times at its wonderful bars and restaurants. Huangpu Park, at the northern end of the resort, has the Bund Historical Museum, which contains a collection of old photographs and maps.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Shanghai Tower

China’s tallest building rotates in the sky from its base in Lujiazui. The 121-story, 632-meter tower was designed by Gensler and began construction in August 2013 and was launched in mid-2016. This spiral tower has an office space, a place for fun events, shops, a conference center, a luxurious hotel and an outdoor lobby that rotates slowly (9 cylindrical units wrapped in two glass shells) and from the top It is considered to be the most built building in the world. Its observation deck on the 18th floor is the tallest deck in the world.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai


Tianzi fang and Xintiandi are built on a common foundation, a fun collection that houses traditional longtang houses on narrow, dark alleys, but with an original and refreshing charm that evokes Tianzi Fang. Finding good souvenirs is hard to find among the street stalls, but the area with its design workshops, cafes, bars and boutiques serves as an antidote to Shanghai’s massive shopping mall and terrifying skyscrapers. , A community that gives you a new spirit.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Longhua Temple

Shanghai’s oldest and largest monastery is the longhua sacred Indian fig tree, under which the Buddha is said to have attained enlightenment. The trees are decorated with red lanterns, fragrant smoke fills the entrance area and the monks’ singing is constantly heard, making it one of the most interesting places in the city. It is said that this temple, which has undergone the most renovations, dates back to the 10th century.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Oriental Pearl TV Tower

The 468-meter tower with a concrete tripod is the most iconic contemporary building in the city, and its view from around the city is brilliant on any postcard or T-shirt. Like it or not, Xiaoping Deng’s design is unintentionally monotonous and ordinary; A combination of science fiction architecture with communist violence. Inside, what attracts attention is the transparent observatory at a height of 259 meters, where you can see well under the glass sidewalk under your feet. Also don’t forget to visit the Shanghai History Museum on the ground floor.

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To start the tour, reach a height of 263 meters to get a 360-degree view of Bund Street and the expanse of heritage buildings. Other features of the tower include a revolving restaurant at a height of 267 meters, a space capsule of landscaping, 5D cinema and an indoor rolling train, which are interesting options for entertainment if you visit this place with children.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Jìng’ān Sculpture Park

Jingangan Sculpture Park includes a collection of permanent and temporary pieces created by mostly international artists. The sculptures have been deliberately scattered to create an amazing place for walking where a review of abstract artifacts, along with emptiness and humor, stimulates thinking about them. In this park you can see a huge straw-covered fox sitting on a portable container, a family of lazy casts made of bronze, and ostriches with their heads sunk to the ground. In April, the blossoming of cherry trees creates an attractive landscape. The Shanghai Museum of Natural History is also located here.

Tourist attractions in Shanghai

Shanghai World Trade Center

The 492-meter-high Shanghai World Trade Center, although adjacent to the Shanghai Tower as the tallest building in the city, has a mesmerizing view. There are three decks to view the city from above, at levels 94, 97 and 100, where ticket prices vary depending on altitude.

M 50

Shanghai is known for its glamor and outward appearance, but it also has a marginal subculture. The M50 Industrial Art Complex is a prime example of this, where galleries have been set up in obsolete factories and the cotton factory has dedicated a large space to display the works of emerging and contemporary Chinese artists. There is so much to see here, so plan for a good afternoon stroll around. The sights of the place are not just galleries, but also a number of street artwork along the way, such as murals or decorative murals along the Moganshan Sand Road.

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