The Louis Vuitton brand, popularly known by its acronym LV, was launched in 1854 in France. This brand produces luxury products such as leather goods, ready-made clothes, shoes, watches, jewelry, accessories, sunglasses, bags and suitcases, stationery and books. If you intend to buy the brand’s products, you can buy in person or in person, because Louis Vuitton sells his products in his chain stores as well as in his online store.

This luxury brand has 50 branches and has more than 460 active sales branches. The brand name is inspired by the name of its founder, Mr. Louis Vuitton. The first product that Louis Vuitton brand started to produce was women’s bags. Bags that have become very popular in the world today, and in a way, these bags can be called the flagship of Louis Vuitton products.

The beginning of Louis Vuitton’s activity

The Louis Vuitton store was established in 1854 in Paris. He first engaged in large-scale production and sales. He invented the form of these bags to make them easier to store because these bags were previously designed with a curved roof to hold rainwater, and this form prevented them from being stored.

Louis Vuitton bags had striped designs that were characteristic of him. He later changed these designs to brown and milk, which became the symbol of his brand. At the Paris World’s Fair, in 1885, he opened his first store outside France in London. He later added his own logo to his product design.

The story of the Louis Vuitton brand after his death

Louis Vuitton died in 1892 and the company passed to his son. George Vuitton did his best to globalize their family brand and opened its first branch in Chicago. He designed floral logos that received much attention, then produced smaller bags under the Louis Vuitton brand.

Before the outbreak of World War I, Louis Vuitton had branches in New York, Washington, Mumbai, Alexandria, Buenos Aires, as well as throughout Europe. In 1930, the Kipal model bag and in 1932, the new model bag were introduced. During the Nazi occupation of Paris, Louis Vuitton’s company collaborated with the Germans and Marshall Patten, gaining enormous wealth.

Louis Vuitton brand story

The Louis Vuitton brand, a well-known name in the world of fashion and clothing, was founded in 1854. The brand’s story dates back to the 19th century, when the French emperor at the time, Napoleon III, was looking for someone to design a handbag for Queen Eugene. It was there that Napoleon found Louis Vuitton. Louis Vuitton was a famous man in Napoleon’s time for designing suitcases for wealthy families. The reason for his popularity was his art. He was able to make these suitcases so that they were perfectly flat and impermeable to air. In addition, the appearance of these suitcases was very stylish and beautiful.

From the very beginning, Louis Vuitton has been selecting its customers. His target customers were always high-ranking and wealthy families of the society or royal families who were looking for luxury and functional goods. Thus began a journey that gradually transformed the Louis Vuitton brand into an extraordinary business and a well-known and popular brand in fashion and clothing circles. But what has made the Louis Vuitton brand maintain its current position in the world of fashion and clothing?

Production of unique, luxurious and durable products

Louis Vuitton brand products with beautiful and elegant design, and high quality construction, are known as luxury products that have completely followed the principles of aesthetics in their design. This brand does not only produce clothes, bags or accessories; Rather, it produces luxury goods. The source of the Louis Vuitton brand is the city of Paris, which has been known as the capital of the fashion and clothing world for many years.

The products of this brand clearly reflect the lifestyle of the French people. These products are known as quality and stylish products and are very popular and respected.

The Louis Vuitton brand does not only produce bags

Currently, the Louis Vuitton brand does not only produce bags. The brand soon began designing shoes, watches, leather goods, jewelry, perfumes and colognes, sunglasses, and other accessories. Some of the unique products of this brand include comfortable shoes, belts, coats, sneakers, glasses, watches, necklaces and perfumes and colognes.

These products can include essential goods, clothing, or unique products that are used only a few times in a person’s lifetime. Louis Vuitton accessories are suitable for people who like to use luxury, stylish, and quality products that are quickly recognizable. This luxury brand produces stylish, modern and high quality products that everyone wants to have at least one of them.

Louis Vuitton brand and aesthetic principles

The Louis Vuitton brand has succeeded well in combining the concepts of “practicality” and “elegance” by producing luxury products that are quickly recognizable. The brand employs the best experts and talents to work on a wide range of its products, resulting in unique and stylish products. The right combination of high quality, innovation and perfection is crucial to Louis Vuitton’s core business.

These features have made this brand a leader in the luxury goods market. Another secret of Louis Vuitton brand success is the monopoly of its products. When consumers find that a collection of products is limited, they are encouraged to buy them quickly. Monopoly does not necessarily mean uniqueness; But it is definitely not synonymous with mass production. In this case, the customer likes to invest in a product that not everyone can afford. And in this case, he is definitely willing to pay extra to buy this product.

Louis Vuitton brand advertising method

Louis Vuitton has also been a pioneer in the field of advertising. This brand is one of the few brands that has a very good relationship with public advertising. In his advertising campaigns, Louis Vuitton focuses on taking advantage of the popularity of celebrities. This is the global campaign of print advertising and Vuitton billboards; Launched in 2003, it features cinematic actors, singers and celebrities participating in and promoting advertising, and the overall goal of the campaign is to support the Louis Vuitton brand. Many famous people have been present during the brand’s advertising campaigns. The most famous of them are Scarlett Johansson Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West, Angelina Jolie,Sean Connery andHayden Christensen.

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