What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

You will no longer wonder what to do in Dorset. In this article, which is written by a local young girl who loves her country, we will name our top suggestions.

Dorset which shapes part of the Jurassic Coast World Heritage site is one of South West England’s most famous seaside destinations that has long swathes of Jurassic coastline.

This country is famous for its beautiful and rural villages (which are more than 300). You can enjoy walking, old-fashioned local pubs that serve English cider and tasty home-cooked food.

Since I grew up here I can assure you that these were not the only things that await you in Dorset. in fact, Dorset is more than picturesque views and seaside frolics. You will never get tired of this place.

So, let me mention some of my favorite activities that you can do in this place.

What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

1. You can visit the Jurassic Coast

I suggest you avoid overcrowding at the likes of Lulworth Cove and Durdle Door. Try visiting one of the less famous places in Dorset along the Jurassic Coast. Kimmeridge Bay is one of my favorite places which is located near Wareham. It is a good place to spot fossils, but remember not to take them home.

You will have fun and challenging moments if you walk along the coastline near Worth Matravers. You can enjoy the view of crashing waves and jagged cliffs. Heading to the Anvil Point Lighthouse will be a good old-fashioned exploration.

One of the greatest places for a picnic would be The disused quarry which is full of eerie caves. But consider providing good walking boots and trekking poles, because you will need them even if you are young and healthy.

What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

2. Explore ruins of Corfe Castle

if you drive from the Jurassic Coast for 15 minutes, you will see Corfe Castle which is one of England’s iconic ruins. Corfe Castle has constructed over a thousand years ago and is perched upon a hilltop that overlooks the old village of the exact name. this castle was built for King Henry I, William the Conqueror’s son and it has seen centuries of conflict, betrayal, and treason. It was partially destructed in the 17th century by the Parliamentarians.

Here you can sit down on the benches and enjoy the view of the castle.

There is also a national trust shop, an 18th-century tea room with a garden, and a visitor center.

3. From Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe

Walking from Bournemouth Pier to Boscombe Park would be delightful, especially when the sun sets on a summer evening. You will visit long rows of cute multi-colored beach huts while heading to Boscombe.

You will see a little roundabout and if you take the left path you will visit the Boscombe Gardens. This place has a playground for children and mini-golf as well. If you head straight past the pier, you can find a couple of boulders on the beach for kids and adults for climbing. And finally, if you get hungry, you can go to Urban Reef which is a great sea-front restaurant.

4. Try surfing or paddleboarding

One of Dorset’s most popular surfing spots in the area around Bournemouth Pier. It is because the shelter from the pier creates some fantastic swells. With this sport, you can get connected to nature. Surf Steps is located nearby Boscombe Pier and is a good place for beginners who want to try surfing for the first time. All instructors will be given by professional instructors and also the price will include all the equipment.

paddleboarding is an easier activity in contrast to surfing. You can easily stand on Paddleboards. You will so much fun during this activity.

What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

5. Dorset’s operational lighthouse which is open to public

For more than 500 years, the marina has been safeguarded by the Portland Bill Lighthouse on the isle of Portland. It stands at 135 ft and is striped like a candy cane.

You can learn a lot of information about the lighthouse and its keepers in the visitor center. To enjoy the wonderful view of the Jurassic Coast, you may have to climb the 153 steps to the “lantern room” at the top of the lighthouse.

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What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

6. Enjoy the view of the sunset aboard a Dorset England gin cruise

Watching this view is the best feeling ever. If you hop aboard Dorset Cruise’s 1938 vintage motor yacht, you will see Brownsea Island which is the home of red squirrels. You can also watch the beautiful scene if the sun sets over the harbor. If you are a VIP guest, you will be given a bottle of artisan gin.

7. Apes at Monkey World

You may have seen Monkey Life on the TV during the lockdown. It’s a documentary series in which abused primates who live at Monkey World are saved.

There are 250 primates in the Monkey World which are located near the historic market town of Wareham which is a 20-minute drive to the Jurassic Coast.

Visiting The rehabilitation center which is a house for chimpanzees, orang-utans (my personal favorites), gibbons, and smaller species of monkeys such as marmosets, lemurs, and spider monkeys, would be a great experience for both kids and adults.

8. Visit Moors Valley

This treetop journey has a high ropes adventure course with obstacles that are up to 11 meters from the ground. In case you are not keen on heights, there are a lot of hiking and cycling trails to keep you grounded.

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What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

9. Ride a bicycle and explore Dorset England

There are a lot of cycle routes in Dorset. if you choose this experience, you will go on a journey along Dorset’s dazzling coastline, past ancient castles, and through vast, wild moors. Cycling to Sandbanks and crossing over on the ferry to Studland which costs it costs just £1, is my favorite route.

In case you have a mountain bike or hybrid, you are recommended a trip to Wareham Forest which is located by the Moredon Bog National Nature Reserve. Wareham Forests which is one of the largest valley mire habitats in England includes several signposted trails for both cyclists and walkers.

What you must see and what you must do in Dorset England

10. enjoy wonderful festivals in Dorset England

Throughout the year, a lot of festivals are held in the Dorset. to name a few: Wimborne Folk Festival, Teddy Rocks Music Festival, and the Nyetimber Dorset Seafood Festival in Weymouth which takes place on the 11 and 12 September.

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