Italy has many different accommodation options to offer to tourists, from medieval palaces that have been converted into luxury suites to small boutique hotels that are equipped with modern facilities and have a casual, exclusive and urban environment, old guesthouses. which are located in the historical centers of the city to the classy and beautiful resorts by the rivers, all can be found in abundance in Italy.

The best hotels have rooms with very attractive views and views, some of these views are so beautiful that guests need only sit on the balcony or terrace to watch the city and watch the attractions, and there is no need to go sightseeing. is not. The beauty of the interior of these hotels cannot be described, whatever style they are designed in, they are unique and magnificent. Some are decorated with minimalist style and others with classic furniture, patterned curtains and beautiful chandeliers and candlesticks. It should be noted that the excellent and luxurious services of these hotels, along with modern facilities, have made luxury hotels around the world become the best tourist destinations.

In the following, we introduce some Italian hotels with all modern facilities that meet the expectations of people with different tastes, do not forget that special locations and historical features have a great impact on the wonder of these hotels.

Belmond Hotel Caruso, Ravello

Ravello village is located on top of the mountains and you can see restaurants, coffee shops, museums, villas and beautiful and romantic hotels in it, Belmond Caruso Hotel is one of these attractions. This hotel is built on the Amalfi Coast in an area that used to be the site of an 11th century palace. Belmond Caruso Hotel is located in the highest part of Ravello village and tourists can enjoy the beautiful and spectacular view of the bay of Salerno.

The hotel reopened in 2005 after a complete restoration project, transforming the medieval structure into a luxury residence with modern amenities. Beautiful flowers such as roses, jasmine and orange trees are planted in small gardens on the terraces that give peace to the surroundings. It is located in the highest part of the village and the very large and infinite swimming pool has given this hotel the ultimate charm.

Grand Hotel Minerva, Florence

Grand Minerva Hotel is located in the center of Florence, and there is an outdoor pool on the roof of the hotel, which makes Grand Minerva attractive and chosen by travelers during the hot seasons. This hotel is located next to the recently renovated Piazza Santa Maria Nola and is a four-star luxury hotel. Due to its special location, Grand Minerva Hotel provides easy access to the most historical attractions of the city for tourists. Historical monuments such as the magnificent and large church of Santa Maria Novella (Basilica of Santa Maria Novella), which belongs to the 15th century, are located next to this hotel. The terrace of the 6th floor of the chic Grand Minerva Hotel shows a unique and wonderful view of the city of Florence and the surrounding area.

Grotta Palazzese Hotel, Apulia

Grotta Palace Hotel is carved out of the rocks and caves and has a view of the Adriatic Sea, this hotel is located in the city of Polignano a Mare and is a dream and unique travel experience for will have tourists The hotel is located inside a large limestone cave. Grotta restaurant is considered the most important and prominent part of the hotel. Guests dine by candlelight while watching the waves crashing against the rocks below the hotel and the sun setting. The 25 rooms and suites of this four-star hotel are small, but with these conditions, each of them is equipped with all the modern and up-to-date facilities, and more importantly, the guests have easy access to the best beaches in this area.

Grand Hotel Timeo, Taormina

Timeo Grand Hotel is considered one of the best hotels in the world, which is located in the center and above the hills of Taormina and next to the ancient Greek theater, which is active in theater today. The big five-star Timeo hotel is not only praised for its classic beauty, but also because of the wide view of Mount Etna and the volcanic coastline of Sicily that can be seen from the hotel’s terraces. . The hotel rooms, which are equipped with air conditioning system, are beautifully decorated with fine arts, expensive fabrics and knitwear, luxury and modern facilities. The amazing and stunning view of the hotel has made staying in it a memorable experience.

Casole Castle, Tuscany

Tuscany is a good place to spend days by the pool of a luxury hotel. Hotel Castello di Castello is located near the city of Florence and Siena (in the center of Italy) and offers the best facilities for tourists who wish for an unforgettable experience of Tuscany. This vast and very large hotel is located in an estate of olive trees and vines, on top of a hill, around a large and modern castle from the 10th century, which has recently been completely restored and restored.

In the 41 rooms of this hotel, decoration design is used in natural and earth colors, which is a combination of modern and old style arts. The hotel has a warehouse of alcoholic beverages, a pizzeria restaurant and an old-style bathhouse. Tourists can go cycling and mountain climbing around the hotel.

Hotel Hassler, Rome

The five-star luxury Hassler Hotel is one of the most famous hotels in the world and is located on top of the Spanish Steps of Rome, these steps are one of the most spectacular tourist attractions. The hotel offers tourists a view of this ancient and eternal city. This hotel belongs to the 19th century and has recently been renovated, but it is still considered a pure and valuable example of old luxury hotels in the world. Each of the 82 rooms and 14 suites of this hotel are decorated with classic appliances and facilities, Venetian lamps and artistic masterpieces. The hotel has a gym, swimming pool and mineral spring and beauty salon along with a Michelin restaurant and a garden cafe surrounded by stone walls and each of these things adds to its charm.

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Capri

In terms of landscape and beautiful views, few hotels can compete with Caesar Augustus Hotel. This hotel is located on top of a rock in the Bay of Naples. Caesar Augustus Hotel used to be a residence for the Russian royal family and has a wide view of Mount Vesuvius in southern Italy and the Capri coastline. All parts of this 5-star hotel are worth seeing, and you can see a wide view from every side, from the rooms to the pool and restaurant by the pool, you can witness these magnificent and beautiful views. Mediterranean style hotel decoration design, excellent service and swimming pool and full-time hot water have made staying at Caesar Augustus Hotel a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.

Grand Hotel Tremezzo, Lake Como

Grand Hotel Termezzo is located on the western shore of Lake Como and has been a popular tourist destination since its opening in 1910. In addition to beautiful beach views and a view of the city of Bellagio, this hotel has three restaurants with the characteristics and style of old centuries, three swimming pools, a sports center, fully equipped health and a park with a tennis court and a path. is walking. The details of this hotel, from the architecture to the presence of fresh and fragrant flowers in every room, have a special beauty. All facilities and pleasures have joined hands to create good memories for travelers.

Belmond Hotel Splendido, Portofino

Belmond Hotel Splendido is located in the fishing village of Portofino on top of a hill overlooking the Ligurian Sea. Since its opening in 1902, the Splendido Hotel has been a famous residence and host for the world’s rich and famous. Famous people such as Clark Gable, Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill and the aristocratic Duke of Windsor have enjoyed staying at this luxury hotel. The hotel has 64 classy and modern rooms and suites, it also has other features such as large bathrooms, spacious closets, and all advanced tools and equipment and modern technology. In the past, this hotel was a monastery that belonged to the 16th century, three restaurants, a swimming pool and a sports and health center are among the other comforts of the hotel. Belmond Hotel Splendido is one of the best hotels in Italy.

Gritti Palace, Venice

The Grand Palace is a magnificent hotel in the city of canals, Venice, the rooms and dining room of the hotel are luxuriously and grandly designed, this recently relaunched hotel offers tourists a good and classic experience of Venice. Offers. This hotel is located in front of the Guggenheim Museum and Santa Maria della Salute Church. This grand aristocratic mansion was built in one of the best areas of Venice. It should be mentioned that this hotel is decorated with classic antiques, Murano glass lamps and silk tablecloths. The rooms of this 5-star hotel are equipped with modern and comfortable facilities. Tourists who want to see and experience life in the heyday of Venice should choose this option.

Le Sirenuse, Positano

An 18th century villa was converted into a hotel in 1951 by an aristocratic family. Le Sirenuse Hotel has a beautiful view of the Amalfi Coast and also a beautiful view of the old town of Positano. The hotel has jewelry, furniture and souvenirs that have been handed down by the family for generations. This beach hotel has a restaurant, swimming pool and a hot spring designed on the roof. John Steinbeck, the famous writer, in an article in 1953 addressed to Harper’s Bazaar, describes this hotel as follows: “Each room has its own balcony and has a view of the infinite blue sea and Sirens Islands. in which the singing of women can be heard.” Lucerne has attracted many stars with its extremely beautiful landscape and its many facilities.



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