The Ontario fishing experience is one of the best in Canada. These lakes and streams are known for a variety of duckfish, stickleback, northern duckfish (known as jackfish in some areas), muskie, lake trout, and crappie. In the Great Lakes, salmon and white fish are also very popular among fishermen.

According to the tourist travel guide: Remote lakes, especially in the north and northwest of the province, provide you with the possibility of a kind of fishing that you can only witness in your dreams. Some of these lakes are only accessible by air. Fishing resorts and shacks, with guides and sometimes luxury accommodation, provide a very welcoming and enjoyable experience.

There are resorts ranging from lodges and fishing stations accessible only by air to five-star luxury resorts accessible by car. Flying to resorts with floatplane service provides the best fishing experience for tourists, but they are much more expensive than places accessible by road.

The easiest way is to drive to the fishing resorts, as this way there is no need to pay for flights. However, not all areas are usually fishing like remote lakes. Of course, this is not always the case. As any angler knows, fishing can vary depending on the season, day and even weather conditions. Finding the right resort depends on individual taste.

Totem Resorts: Totem Resort and Yellowbird Resort and Cottage in the Sioux Range

For the ultimate fun experience, you can’t beat Totem Resorts in Northwestern Ontario’s Lake of the Woods. The reason for the superiority of this resort is that it has been awarded 5 stars for 15 consecutive years.

Totem Resorts operates three main resorts, two of which are accessible by car, Yellowbird Lodge and Cottages and Totem Resort. Both are large resorts that can accommodate hundreds of people. The interiors of the cottages are very nice, all are by the water and there is dining space as well as endless open elevations for privacy or socializing.

The main resort, Totem Lodge, is set in immaculate grounds with modern log cabins with all the amenities you could wish for. It’s right next door and a stone’s throw away from Yellowbird Lodge, a little smaller, but just as impressive. Both accommodations feature Jacuzzis, marble bathrooms, stone fireplaces, modern fixtures, large-screen TVs, and huge windows with stunning views.

Totem Lodge has a beautiful beach and a swimming platform, perfect for those who are more interested in tanning than fishing.

The resort offers a variety of offerings, from private log cabins with caretakers to American plans with all meals. It also includes offers such as access to first-class fishing boats, along with guide services and beach lunches.

Several dining rooms are themed to traditional Canadian desert cabins, with wooden furniture and country house-style decor, and all have endless views of the beautiful lake. Unlike many fishing lodges that only attract the fishing clientele, this resort attracts everyone from wedding parties to family vacations.

The fish that are caught in this area usually include duck fish, stickleback fish, crappie, northern duck fish, muskie and lake trout. Lake of the Woods is huge and having a guide is definitely helpful, especially for newcomers to the area.

Totem Resorts also operates the Wiley Pointer Resort. A boating lodge in a remote area of ​​the lake, as well as log cabins with an on-island caretaker for those who want to get away from it all. This is a family resort that has been operating since 1935.

Campbell’s log cabins in Lac La Croix

Campbell’s Log Cabins is a fishing resort accessible only by floatplane from Minnesota or Canada. This resort is located at the beginning of Cotico Provincial Park, on the border waters between Canada and Minnesota.

This resort offers you complete facilities. Modern and comfortable log cabins to accommodate large or small groups, a dining room, store, boat, guide and everything needed for a fishing tour. The cabins and the Butel (a motel-style accommodation on the pier) are scattered around the campground, and almost all of them are on the pier. Two wooden huts are located on the islands. One is located a short distance from the marinas and the other is on its own in a lovely private area about a mile east of the campground.

Species caught here include walleye, walleye, lake trout, smallmouth bass and crayfish. For a great day of fishing, hire a guide from the hotel to take you away from dangerous spots, and the tour guide will cook a full seafood lunch of fresh fish.

The specialty of this resort, in beautiful Lac La Croix, is the experience of being somewhere far away and feeling relaxed. The footpaths that pass through the huge old red pine trees and connect all the cottages in this area to the shops and restaurants. This lake itself has a variety of beautiful islands and old forests. Most of the cottages have exterior decoration, wooden interior, wooden furniture and porch.

Flying guests can access the campground via Crane Lake, Minnesota or Fort Francis, Ontario. This camp can guide you on how to achieve these goals. Because Campbell’s Cottages is located in one of the most popular boating areas in Ontario and Minnesota, they offer boaters services such as paddleboat flights and accommodations.

Chaudiere Residence on the French River

Chaudiere Lodge is a small boating resort located in the beautiful setting of the French River. The area is famous for its exposed granite coastlines, clear waters, towering pines and abundant wildlife.

This residence with an area of ​​17 hectares provides you with comfortable Canadian-style wooden huts for accommodation. First opened in 1905, it features a historic main lodge featuring an abundance of trophy fish, comfortable seating, and a full dining room serving hearty and delicious food. The resort is famous for its muskie fishing, but guests can also catch duck, stickleback, and northern duck.

Included in your expenses is a small boat made of cypress wood with a rowing motor. It is approximately a 3.5 hour drive from Toronto to the marina and the property will send a vehicle to the marina to pick you up.

Anderson’s Lodge at Sioux Prospect

Anderson Lodge is located in the heart of one of Ontario’s great fishing lakes, Lac Sol. This huge lake and its surrounding areas are famous for their unique fishing opportunities. The lodge offers full fishing services covering the entire area, plus there is a main lodge as well as a fly station on site.

Ducks, sticklebacks, walleyes, muskies, and lake trout are some of the things you’ll have a good chance of catching. This resort provides you with various facilities for different periods of time, including boat rental, guide with beach lunch, wooden huts with caretaker and full meal plans.

These cottages of different sizes host large and small groups. All feature pine wood interiors with vaulted ceilings, four season bathrooms, kitchens and beautiful decor. Anderson Lodge is accessible by car and is located near Sioux Falls in northwestern Ontario.

Garden Island Resort on Lady Evelyn Lake

Lake Lady Evelyn is a pristine lake in the Temagami region of Ontario, known for its giant ducks. The best way to experience fishing in this lake and find fish is to stay at Garden Island lodge.

The resort is accessible by boat or floatplane and is approximately 25 miles from Moat Landing. You can also bring your own or rented boat. The 1650s Land Rebel is equipped with the latest gear system, fish finder, comfortable seats, active axle and 25 or 30 horsepower engines.

Do you not know where to go in this big lake? Don’t worry, this lodge will give you a map of the famous fishing spots, or better yet, a guide.

The crystal clear waters passing through the white pine covered hills and lovely little islands, while ducks as well as northern ducks and small mouth spiny fishes swim in it, present a beautiful sight. Lady Olin Lake is very large (31.5 miles long and 15.5 miles wide at its widest point), and sometimes the southwest wind can be a challenge.

You will be accommodated in log cabins, some of them built from tree stumps, which are an example of the unique experience of living in Canada’s untamed lands. Although the main work here is fishing, there is no shortage of other things to do. Hiking to the top of Maple Mountain, the second highest peak in Ontario, or day trips to one of the beaches around the lake can also be part of your trip. If you prefer to stay close to home, the resort has a wooden yacht moored there.




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