If you, like many passive people, don’t have the mindset that winter is the season of staying at home and sleeping long, you should familiarize yourself with the list of suitable places to travel in winter. The best countries in the world to travel in winter may differ from the perspective of humans.

Some travelers look for countries that experience extreme cold and provide conditions for ice skiing; Some people also like to go to countries that have a warm and pleasant climate, which allows them to explore different places without wearing warm clothes. According to the different tastes of tourists, different countries should be introduced.

1- Dubai, the most luxurious tourist destination in winter

Most of the tourists who have chosen Dubai for travel go to this country in the winter season. This has caused the cost of traveling to Dubai in the winter season to be more than other seasons, however, in the coldest days of the year, the weather in Dubai is very mild and favorable, so that the temperature varies from 20 to 30 degrees Celsius and This can be a dream winter for those who don’t like the cold. In Dubai winters, you can benefit from the following facilities:

  • Sand skiing in the Dubai Desert Protected Area
  • Indoor skiing
  • Fun and relaxation on the famous beaches of Jumeirah

2- Winter travel experience with a trip to Moscow in Russia

If you want to feel a real winter with all your heart, we suggest you a trip to Moscow. In the last option, we mentioned Dubai as one of the warmest tourist destinations for winter, but it is not a bad idea to take a look at the opposite point of this city and country and take you to one of the coldest countries in the world called Russia. Russia is home to the coldest village in the world with a temperature of minus 72 degrees Celsius, however, the temperature in Moscow is not supposed to be so cold and terrible. Do not miss the following entertainments in this city:

  • ice skating
  • Excursion in the famous Gorki Park
  • Watching ice hockey matches
  • Night tour in Red Square and in the cold nights of Moscow

3-Rome and Venice in Italy

Rome with all its historical monuments and buildings with a Roman facade and the city of Venice are very attractive as one of the most popular tourist destinations in the winter season. In the winter season, due to the decrease in air temperature, the number of tourists in Rome and Venice decreases, and this will have a great impact on reducing your travel costs, especially the cost of accommodation. In this country, don’t forget to experience hot Italian drinks or hot pasta. The following entertainments are waiting for you in Rome:

  • Visit the Colosseum
  • Visit the remains of the Roman Forum

4-Quebec in Canada

If you want your trip to preserve the nature of winter, we suggest Quebec, Canada. The climate of Quebec is very cold in winter and if you are not used to the cold weather, you will definitely not be able to experience a pleasant trip, however, it is better to say for those who love the cold that the temperature in this city is possible. It even reaches 20 degrees below zero, while watching the beauty of Christmas among the special streets and old buildings of Quebec can be one of the unforgettable memories for you on your trip to Canada. The most important events and attractions of this city are:

  • Quebec winter carnival
  • Visit the ice hotel

5- Auckland in New Zealand

This city, which is located in the southern hemisphere, can bring you a favorable winter with spring weather with a temperature of 20 degrees above zero. Although the balanced temperature in this season increases the number of travelers to Oakland during the cold days of the year, we suggest that you save some money and don’t miss the pleasure of traveling in Oakland during the winter days with spring weather. The following activities in this beautiful city invite you:

  • bungee jumping
  • Free Fall
  • Shop at the amazing stores on Queen Street

6- Phuket in Thailand

Phuket is the most beautiful city in Thailand in winter. The warm weather in this city can take you out of the dream of a winter trip. In this city and in the heart of winter, you can experience temperatures above 30 degrees Celsius, however, there are so many colorful activities on the beach of Phuket that the heat of the air will not bother you.

7-Goa in India

Goa is one of the hottest places on earth, with hot and tropical weather, it can be a perfect host for winter travel. The very clean beaches of Goa in India can provide favorable conditions for water sports.

There are beautiful attractions in this city that you can visit. The creative combination of Indian and Portuguese architecture is one of the most important tourist attractions in Goa, however, beach and sea activities should not be forgotten.

8-Berlin in Germany

Germany also welcomes many guests in winter. The capital of this country, the city of Berlin, is known as the most important destination for foreign tourists. The air temperature in Berlin, like many countries in the world, is completely wintery and cold, however, the minimum annual temperature does not fall below minus ten degrees. The most important winter event in the city of Berlin that encourages you to travel is the winter vacation, which starts with the right time for skiing.

9-Maldive Islands

There are many pictures of very beautiful and clean Maldivian beaches on social networks and we always stare at them with longing; How can the beaches of a country be so clean and covered with white sand, or how can you imagine that the water of the seas can be so clear near the shores, yet many of us when We get overwhelmed by the beauty of these beaches on the screen of our phone or tablet, not knowing that we can see all these wonders up close with a trip of several days in the winter season.

10- Soya in Spain

The city of Seville in Spain is a suitable destination with a moderate climate, with a temperature of approximately 10 to 20 degrees above zero in the winter season. Traveling to Seville in winter will be much more affordable than the recent options. If you travel to this city, be sure to include a visit to Seville Church with Gutting architecture in your list of plans. The attractive markets of this city are another special offer if you travel to Seville, especially in the winter season.

11- Andalusia in Morocco

Morocco is one of the North African countries, which is not far from the European continent. The limited distance to the European continent and the equator has made this beautiful city a suitable destination for tourism in the winter season.

This city leads from one side to the sea shores and from the other side to the high and mountainous peaks, so you can easily see a huge part of the beauty of nature in this city. In addition to the wonderful winter activities in this city, you can observe wildlife species and visit the historical monuments of this city.

12- The city of Singapore in the country of Singapore

Singapore is also one of the popular and luxury travel destinations among tourists.The capital of this country is the same as the name of the country. The temperature of Singapore has decreased in the winter season and the coldness of the air is well felt. The snowfall in winter makes the streets of Singapore turn into a dream scene with its attractive buildings and special architecture. With the aim of developing the tourism industry, Singapore has tried to provide many facilities for travelers in different seasons of the year, especially during Christmas.




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