Fishing is a great pastime to spend time with family and friends in silence. Fishing is a relaxing opportunity to get away from the city, relax, and maybe (if you’re lucky!) have a fish for dinner. If you have never tried this particular hobby before, we highly recommend that you do. But before starting the journey as a beginner, you should have some fishing equipment with you. In fact, if you are a beginner, you need a lot of equipment, including fishing rods, reels, baits, and numerous accessories, each of which has its own unique features to improve the user experience.

Getting to know the necessary equipment for fishing

Anglers who hunt with fish hooks are always used to going out into nature with a box full of fishing baits, at the same time, you should know that almost all fishing equipment boxes have the same basic items, except for fishing rods and reels, and there is not much difference. They don’t have it together. In order to better understand this issue, in this section we will introduce fishing equipment.

Fishing Rod and Reel

Fishing rods are slender tools made of flexible but very durable materials (usually fiberglass or graphite) that allow you to cast your line further and deeper into the water. In general, fishing rods are classified according to their strength, quick response, performance (ability to bend properly) and how thin they are in terms of price.

In this regard, you should know that choosing the type of wood depends on your type of fishing. If you are just starting to pursue fishing, you can use sticks with medium strength so that you can turn it in any direction while working. Also, models with medium strength allow you to notice the bait very quickly when it is stuck and quickly remove it from the water. The ideal length of the fishing rod should be about 11.8 inches (30 cm) longer than your height. In addition, the minimum capacity of the wheel spool for yarn should be 100 to 150 meters.

A fishing reel is a device that is attached to a stick to pull the fishing line. Fishing reels are often lightweight, affordable and easy to operate. In this regard, it is necessary to know that spinning wheels are among the most popular items in the fishing equipment market, because they are suitable for fishing on the beach, dock or while riding on a boat.

It should be noted that the lighter the wheel is, it prevents the fisherman from getting tired while working. Therefore, if you intend to buy in person, weigh it by hand and if you buy online, be sure to pay special attention to the weight of the wheel. It is also important to pay attention to the fishing wheel clutch. Because if the quality of this section is not high enough, the fishing line will be thrown and gathered with uniform pressure. Clutches made of carbon fiber are the best models to buy, because they are very smooth and prevent the momentary loosening of the thread!

Fishing Line

When you buy your new fishing reel it should probably come with a roll or two of line, but remember to always have extra line with you when you go fishing. Because it is completely normal for the fishing line to be tied or torn during work. Pristine environmental conditions with large, aggressive fish require heavier, stronger line, while fishing in calm, clear waters usually requires thin, clear line to keep the fish from escaping.

Therefore, it is recommended to choose monofilament lines at the time of purchase; Because these types of products are very user-friendly and have high elasticity and easy tying. These threads are made of monofilament nylon and are considered as a kind of standard fishing thread. Of course, monofilament threads are visible in clear water and may scare away fish. It may also become curled after some time (due to being placed around the wheel)! Therefore, if you have a problem with these disadvantages, you can buy an option such as fluorocarbon polymer threads, which of course has a higher price than the previous model.

Many beginner anglers mistakenly believe that the thicker the line, the better. But you need to know that the thickness of the thread depends on the type of your fish. In fact, the thread used for carp or duck fish is thicker than the thread used for smaller fish. It is interesting to know that the pressure exerted by the fish on the thread in the water will be less than the weight of the fish. Therefore, if you are skilled enough, you can catch bigger fish than your fishing line can handle.


Berkley PowerBait Power Nuggets, Another important fishing equipment is buying a set of hooks to catch fish of different sizes. In fact, the function of these products is that after the catch approaches to catch the bait, the hook goes into the fish’s mouth, although in some cases, after swallowing the bait, it ends up getting stuck in the fish’s body.

In general, there are different types of hooks in the market, including single, double, triple and circular models. If you are a beginner, it is recommended to start with single crochets. It should be noted that the size of single hooks varies from number 32 (the smallest) to 0.19 (the largest).


Bait is what you tie to the end of your line to attract fish. The best option for this is usually live bait. Of course, you should know that different types of fish are attracted to different types of food. Generally, carrying two types of effective baits including worms and minnows (small freshwater fish) are good options. Other inexpensive options to use as bait are corn kernels, breadcrumbs, marshmallows, or hot dog pieces.


Lures can basically be considered artificial baits that are designed and made to mimic real fish to attract the attention of the catch. Usually, fishermen use these devices when they run out of live baits or prefer non-moving baits and store them in their box.

In general, the variety of baits makes it easy to catch different types of fish and allows them to be successful in various water and weather conditions. For example, light-colored lures are ideal for fishing on bright days and clear waters, while dark-colored artificial lures are used on cloudy days and in murky waters. It should be noted that long, two-color plastic worms (darker head and lighter tail color) are excellent options for murky waters.


Buying a float will help you keep the bait closer to the surface of the water and when the fish show interest in your bait you will notice it very quickly. In fact, when the fish bites the bait, the fisherman sees the float sinking into the water, so the presence of the float is the signal to use the reel and pull the fish out.

Among the different types of floats on the market, the traditional and older models are made of cork with wood. In this regard, the most popular and common models are plastic options in red and white colors that are easily attached to the thread. It is recommended not to buy floats that are too big, because the float will sink when the fish grabs your bait; Therefore, it is better to choose and buy smaller and more responsive samples. In general, fixed floats for stagnant waters such as lakes have a weight of 2 to 10 grams. Suitable floats for aggressive fish weigh between 10 and 20 grams. Also, there are mobile floats for greater depths with different weights according to the type of fish in the market.

Fishing junk

If you have fishing experience, you must be familiar with the sudden and irregular movements of fish when they are caught. In such a case, buying a fishing rod can solve this problem and bring the fishing process under your control. In fact, this category of products can restrain these movements and, in addition to making your work easier in gathering the thread, prevent damage to the thread, twisting, and eventually tying it.


Sinkers, Another important piece of equipment you will need is lead weights. In general, by using these weights, you can keep your wood line steady and lower the hook when needed.

Depending on how deep you want your hook to go, you can use weights of different shapes and weights.

Weights are traditionally made of lead, but today in the market we see newer examples of more environmentally friendly brass, tungsten, steel and bismuth.

Fishing tackle box

The box of fishing gear is one of the most important accessories when shopping; Because in addition to being a great organizer for your small and large accessories, it is where you store your hooks, weights, clamps, pliers, thread cutters and other small tools. On the other hand, with such a box, it is easier to transport supplies.

Fishing tackle boxes come in various shapes and sizes that you can buy depending on the type of fishing (sports or recreational), personal preferences, size of catch and many other factors. It should be noted that if you plan to fish near the shore, small boxes that fit in your bag may be a better option.

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