A city that is still in the Stone Age!

You may be familiar with the “the Flintstones” cartoon, and as a child, you saw this family living among stone houses. However, do you think you can see the stone city in the story in reality? We tell you it is possible because this village in Portugal, called Monsanto, takes you exactly into this story.

Travel to Portugal

The village is located on a mountain in the heart of Portugal, a short distance from the Spanish border. Monsanto was recognized in 1938 as one of the most historic villages in Portugal. When we look at its pictures, we can see its unusual and ancient face, which makes this village one of the most valuable places to visit in Portugal.

Since this village is located in the highlands, its inhabitants will have an amazing view of the surrounding area and central Portugal, but for tourists, these large and giant boulders will be more visible because you can see this boulder everywhere. You see the houses, the paths and the top and bottom of the village are made of these stones.

Narrow roads in the middle of this village introduce older Portugal, something you usually do not notice when visiting big cities. Although these roads are narrow and old, it will be very enjoyable to walk on them and it is as if you are walking in the middle of history.

At the highest point of the village is a castle, which is the last relic of the Knights Templar (a military-religious group that operated in the middle Ages). This castle is not the only symbol that shows the antiquity and heritage of this village. The clock tower of this village, which has a silver rooster on top of it, is another attraction that should not be overlooked when visiting this village.

All the sights that can be seen in this village will be reminiscent of the Flintstones; you will remember the early people or the characters of the popular Flintstones animation when you walk in such a place.

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