A sacred heart that beats in the heart of nightlife

The Sacre Coeur, meaning the Sacred Heart, is a unique church on Montmartre Hill in Paris, built in a strange place and with a special architecture. The area where the church is built is a suburb of Paris and is located near the Red Zone of Paris. This area is full of different bars and clubs, and the presence of such a church in this area has created a strange contradiction. This area is famous for its nightlife and the famous Moulenorug is located in this area.

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Church of the Sacre Coeur, a sacred heart in the heart of Paris

To enter this area, you have to cross a narrow alley full of souvenir shops. Moroccan immigrants mostly own these stalls. Since the Church of the Sacre Coeur is built on a hill, you have to climb several steps to reach it, which of course do not have a steep slope and you will not be bothered.

One of the special attractions of this church is that when you stand in the courtyard of the Sacrament, you can see the city of Paris under your feet! This Roman Catholic Church, built-in 1875, is called the Sacred Heart, as mentioned above because it was dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Pope John Paul II, who entered the church in 1980. Has been laid. In addition, the church commemorates the martyrs of the French Revolution.

Inside the church and on the roof, Jesus Christ (PBUH) is shown with a shining heart in a beautiful painting. Fortunately, in addition to the worshipers, tourists are also allowed to enter the church, but they must enter this holy heart with the utmost politeness and with the least noise. In addition, like most sacred and ancient sites, shooting is only possible without a camera flash.

The top of the dome of the church is open to the public and from there you can see a more beautiful view of the city of Paris.

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