All about Miami ( part A)

Miami is located in the southeastern part of the Florida Peninsula, which is separated from the Atlantic Ocean by the Biscayne region and the coast of Miami.  The pleasant winter weather of the city has made it a popular tourist destination and attraction for holidays, especially for those who live in the northern regions of the country.  The great beaches of Miami, like the Art Deco architecture on Miami Beach, are a landmark.  Outside the city, however, is the Everglades National Park, famous for its unique ecosystem and wildlife.

Sights and attractions in Miami

Miami Beach

this Beach is actually a separate municipality from this city and one of Miami’s most popular tourist attractions.  This place is located on an island and is connected to the mainland by a series of bridges.  The area is known for its famous beaches and Art Deco area, with buildings with a 1930s colored façade decorated with classic neon lamp panels.  Expensive tourist area, which has many restaurants, shops, hotels and plenty of sunshine.  The most popular street in this area is Ocean Drive, which is part of the road along the ocean and houses some of the most beautiful Art Deco buildings.  A block similar to Ocean Drive inside the area is Collins Street.  Collins Street is actually the A1A State Road, and the main street is along the oceanfront of Miami Beach, connecting several neighborhoods.  Here visitors will find restaurants, shopping malls in Miami and typical and higher level hotels.

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 Art Deco area

The Miami Beach Art Deco area, reminiscent of 1930s Art Deco buildings, is reminiscent of Florida.  The façade of these colorful historic buildings is made up of neon canopy lamps that cover outdoor dining areas.  Many of them overlook Ocean Drive, overlooking the beach and the ocean.

South Beach

Located at the southern end of the Miami Beach area, where the Art Deco buildings are located next to the waterfront, which is the most famous and popular part of Miami Beach.  In summer, the beach is a popular attraction for locals and tourists, and in winter, the area is simply a popular place to walk around and Miami is one of the tourist attractions.

Ocean Drive

Ocean Drive stretches along the coastline of Miami Beach, passing through historic Art Deco buildings and a strip of sand known as the South Coast.  This is a popular place both day and night, for relaxing cruises and driving while enjoying the scenery.  For those who are particularly interested in these colorful beauties, the Art Deco buildings of the 1920s and 1930s, some notable structures include bacon (by Henry O. Nelson, 1926).  , Clooney Hotel (by Henry Husser, 1936);  (Henry Husser, 1939) which is crowded around the clock; and Cavalier ( Roy F. France, 1939).

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