Behind the scenes adventures of the most famous sculpture in the world (part 2)

The symbol of freedom and democracy goes to America

The Statue of Liberty is made of copper. Powerful French artists have shaped and shaped the pieces without the use of machines and completely by hand. Also, the sculpture has an iron frame on which copper pieces are mounted. The great French engineers Viollet le Duc and Alexandre Eiffel were invited to work together to build this iron frame. The choice of a person named Eiffel to design this structure is not random. The Eiffel Tower is the design of the famous Tower of Paris. It is natural to use someone with a great design background for a project of this size.

 Finally, in 1885, the statue was completed and ready to be sent. The French brought their masterpiece of art and architecture to the United States in the form of 355 pieces. However, this structure was several months away from its unveiling. Sending the pieces to the United States was once part of the story, and putting it together on the island of Bodlo was another part of the story, and after several months of trying, this magnificent lady finally stood on her majesty.

Lady of Liberty, mythical goddess or Egyptian peasant?

Along with the artistic value of the Statue of Liberty, the question has always been raised as to how the designer came to such an image of freedom. Well, we know that giving life to high values ​​has been a tradition for a long time. The goddesses are the embodiment of these values, and many of them have a feminine embodiment, but what we encounter about the Lady of Freedom is different.

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The statue is now reminiscent of Greek goddesses. The lady holding the crown holds a torch in her right hand and a plate in her left hand engraved with the date of the American Declaration of Independence. At the base and in front of the statue, we see a broken chain that some say is a sign of America’s liberation from Europe and, in others, a celebration of the end of slavery in America. All these features, along with the naked and folded clothes gathered on one shoulder, draw our minds to the Greek and Roman goddesses.

We can not deny the influence of Greek sculpture on the construction of this sculpture, but from its original designs, we can see that Bartholdi worked on a similar design 30 years before the project was introduced. Inspired by an Egyptian girl who was a peasant, Bartholdi designs a sculpture that resembles the Statue of Liberty today. Of course, the original design is different from what we see today. In any case, the original idea was to place this statue in Egypt. Bartholdi called his plan “Egypt takes light to Asia” and used a subject that everyone could relate to. Probably due to the high cost, the project will be stopped before it becomes serious. Several years later, a design was made for the United States by changing the dress and adding a torch to the sculpture.

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