Canada road trip: suggested itinerary (part 1 Vancouver)

Granville Island
The beautiful island of Gravel Vancouver is one of the most popular and beautiful sights in Canada, and many travellers come to Vancouver, Canada, to see this island. It is an art-tourist island located along the Powell River in the historic city of Vancouver. Granville Island is connected to the mainland in one direction, so it is not an island, and it is a kind of peninsula surrounded by waters in four directions, so it is very spectacular, famous and spectacular.

Granville Island used to be an active industrial area, but now it has become Vancouver’s top tourist destinations. This island is one of the great options in Vancouver.

Granville Island

Relax in Stanely park
Stanley Park in Vancouver, with its many natural and historical attractions, can keep you entertained for hours. This park is one of the most spectacular destinations in Canada.

It may be hard to believe, but Stanley Vancouver Park is more significant than New York Central Park. In this invigorating paradise with an area of 400 hectares, you may even feel the need for a guide. Before heading to the park, make a map of the city’s official site or information section, located at the entrance to Georgia Street west of the park.

Stanely park

Walk the Capilano suspension bridge
Capilano Suspension Bridge in Canada is Vancouver’s most popular tourist attractions and one of its top attractions.

The Capilano Suspension Bridge was first built in 1889 with hemp rope and cedar planks over the Capilano River. This bridge is 137 meters long and 70 meters above the river.
The Capilano Bridge was built at the time, not as a tourist attraction but for log owners to access the dense forest on both sides of the river. Although the only suspension bridge was initially the area’s attraction, in the last 25 years, several recreational facilities have been built around the bridge, and the Capilano Suspension Bridge Park has been formed.

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You will see several standing pillar totems at the park entrance that symbolize the indigenous people who consider this area as their home. The Capilano River is part of the ancestral land of the Squamish, a Vancouver Indigenous tribe. The original name of the river Kia’palano (Kia’palano) means “beautiful river” and one of the Squamish rulers’ names. The totems in the park have different dimensions and dates and are prominent examples of Native American West Coast art and culture.

Capilano suspension bridge

Enjoy the view of Grouse mountain.
Grouse mountain, also known as the Vancouver Roof, is an excellent place for those who want to see the beautiful cityscape, especially on clear days. Grouse mountain, one of Canada’s attractions, was originally a ski resort but is now home to various activities. You can take a cable car to climb this mountain, and while climbing, you can enjoy the surrounding scenery and fascinating wildlife and see grizzly bears. In winter, all kinds of exciting sports activities such as skiing and snowboarding are done in this mountain, 4200 meters. One of the most exciting activities on the hill is Mother Nature’s two-mile run.

Grouse mountain

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