Cities that come alive in winter! (part1)

The most popular time to travel to European countries is between June and August, although there is no barrier to travel to Europe at other times. Vienna and Berlin, for example, are famous for their variety of winter recreation, which attracts tourists who are interested in this type of entertainment. These two lands are also suitable for the Christmas holidays. In this article, we will introduce you to the cities that you will fall in love with if you visit them in winter.

1- Venice in Italy

The image we often have of Venice is a bustling city with many water canals, and small and large boats can be seen in every corner; but if you go to Venice in winter, a new image of this beautiful city will come to mind. Venice looks like a city in the cold seasons, calm and lovely. At this time, you can easily wander the streets and enjoy nature.

If you want to see Venice in a situation that has a romantic atmosphere and is full of silver tones, choose winter to travel. The feeling of walking on the old bridges of this city, including the famous Rialto Bridge, has an indescribable feeling in winter. We suggest you choose a cafe in advance and treat yourself to a pure hot drink after wandering the streets.

2- Brasov in Romania

Brasov is one of the cities in Romania, located in the central part of the country. The city is actually a gateway to the historic city of Transylvania. If you travel to Brasov in winter, you will encounter snow-capped roofs that will delight your eyes with their glow.

In winter, this beautiful city offers tours that tourists can use to visit different areas of Brasov free and get help from guides. The city has a ski slope and large and small cafes in all parts of Brasov in Romania, which has made foreign tourists, choose this city for their winter holidays.

3- Zagreb in Croatia

Zagreb is the capital and largest city of Croatia, located in the northwest. Many tourists travel to Croatia every year to enjoy the good weather and sunny sun, but the city of Zagreb has always been popular with tourists who visit Croatia in winter. The city is best known for its very large Christmas celebrations, which have led to an increase in the number of travelers choosing Zagreb in winter and early spring. Watching skiers, enjoying the decoration of trees and lights and walking in the alleys are some of the activities that will be waiting for you if you go to Zagreb in winter.

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