Matamata, New Zealand

Matamata is a lush, lush suburban area, nestled in the foothills of the Kaimai Range in northern New Zealand, and is the inspiration for many of the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit trilogy. ” have been. The films, which also took part in the filming in the same area, introduced Matamata as the film’s motherland, the Shire, depicting the wildflowers of the green plains and the beautiful, tranquil landscape and secluded space in the film. They drew.

Fans of these films, based on a novel by J. R. R. According to Tolkien, can now travel to New Zealand and book a tour of the city; The city that shaped the film’s breathtaking images.

Vietnam routes

If you feel you are very adventurous, visit this area in Vietnam; Where the movie “Kung: Island of Skulls”, produced in 2017, was filmed. Here, through the green-blue waters, the peaks of the mountains, and the bright green fields, some paths are very suitable for capturing the scenes of movement and running of soldiers and huge gorillas.

Kayaking, boating, and pedal boats are some of the exciting tourist attractions in the area. Curious travelers and adventurous people who like to travel on foot can relive the experience of movie scenes by discovering this beautiful area in Vietnam.

Rome, Italy

For all those who are interested in romance movies, Italy is a place where you can follow in the footsteps of Liz Gilbert in the beautiful drama “Eating, Praying and Making Love” (a film starring Julia Roberts).

The Italian capital is full of historic sites and stunning restaurants that Gilbert passed through on his journey to find his new identity. Visit the Colosseum from ancient Rome, Navona Square, and the famous San Crispino Ice Cream; Where Gilbert first tasted Italian ice cream is no exception. Rome is a great place for anyone curious to try new things, as it has a lot of interesting things to experience: from boating in the city to tours of cathedrals and ancient churches.

Hawaiian Islands

Say hello to your next trip – Hawaii; The Jurassic Park, whose islands, hills, and mountains are surrounded by tall, green trees, vast expanses of water, and volcanoes, is where many of the Jurassic Park movies scenes are filmed.

You can go to Manawipuna Falls on Kauai Island, or hike along the Kippo Kai coastline, as shown in Lost World: Jurassic Park. It may be best to plan your next summer vacation right now, travel to Hawaii, and imagine walking in Jurassic Park among the dinosaurs.

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