Do you know the beautiful beaches of the ocean outside America?

As you know, there are many beaches around the world that the United States has some of the most beautiful, but we want to go beyond the borders of the United States and some of the best beaches in the world that are outside the United States and their beauty overwhelms  Intends to introduce

Santorini, Greece

No island in the Aegean is as immersed in myth as Santorini.  Santorini is an island with tangled cliffs, ancient remains and beautiful cities created by volcanic changes.  If you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful island, be sure to experience the sunset in OIA, a small village on the southwest coast with white houses and cave houses on the cliffs, all around  Covered.  There are indirect flights from Iran to this dream island, but if you do not want to miss the beautiful and natural scenery during your trip, the best way is to go to Athens and from there take a boat tour to Santorini, which is 5 to 8  It takes hours.


Tahiti, French Polynesia

The island, with its many summer houses, is more than we think, a tropical paradise and the luxury hub of summer hotels.  There are many restaurants, villas and residences on this beautiful island, and as a result, the tourists who go there have a lot of options in terms of accommodation, as well as the nightlife by the beach, which makes this residence many times more popular.  Made on the water.  In Tahiti, in addition to the unique beaches and the sun and the sea, you can also enjoy the botanical gardens and the tourist museum.

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The island is so beautiful that you may be tempted to spend all day and all your stay on the beach, but we suggest you visit Fautaua Falls and discover other Tahiti beauties.


Bali, Indonesia

There is no place like Bali.  Bali is a place where you can eat the freshest and best fish of your life on the beach while licking the sand.  Or while playing, a playful monkey may steal your sunglasses.  Every memory on this island is memorable.  If you go to Bali, be sure to visit Ubud and the Munduk Mountains.  There are three ways to get to Bali: Fly to Singapore, Hong Kong or Kuala Lumpur and from there go to Bali.


Palawan, Philippines

This island is at the bottom of our list but our first travel offer.  The Philippines has 7,107 islands, of which Palawan is one of the smallest: one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World, the Puerto Princesa Aqueduct.  Palawan is one of the tallest underground rivers in the world and is about 5 miles long.  Boat tours are done on this river and acquaint tourists with its sights.


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