Get to know the stunning sculptures in Thailand (Part 1)

The stunning natural features of Thailand such as beaches, parks, waterfalls may be highly admired, but Thai fabricated structures are also rare and sometimes surpass Thai nature. In this article, we have gone to the most beautiful temple statues in Thailand. Stay with us.

Wat Mahathat

In the invasion of Ayutthaya, the Burmese army destroyed many of Ayutthaya’s statues and temples and their secrets. At the time of destruction, the heads of the Buddhas were cut off and then the Buddhas were destroyed. In the meantime, the head of one of the Buddhas was not destroyed and remained in this place, and today it has become the most famous statue in the land of Buddhists. Wat Mahathat, the Buddha is saved from this destruction.

Buddha Wat Mahathat is located in the roots of a tree, which creates a strange and stunning view. Local and international tourists travel to this once great city to see the scenery and statue.

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Wat Pho, a lying Buddha

Wat Phra Kaew is probably one of the most famous temples in Thailand, but there is a beautiful statue of Wat Pho near it. Wat Phu is considered one of the oldest Buddhist goddesses in the country. The statue is 46 meters long and golden, and there are beautiful views around the statue and the temple that dazzle the eye of every viewer for hours. This statue indicates that the Buddha is about to enter par nirvana or nirvana after death.

Buddha statue in Tiger Krabi Cave

Krabi’s Tiger Cave has beautiful sculptures, but among them is a huge golden statue, which is the most beautiful statue in the temple. This statue is located at the top of the mountain and to reach the summit you have to go up 1247 steps. Climbing the mountain is very tiring, but it is an indescribable pleasure to see the statue as well as the surrounding debate from the top of the mountain.

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