In this park, you can walk between two continents

Iceland is a wonderful country with a diverse and scenic landscape. Green landscapes create a dreamy and breathtaking landscape along with icy and blue waters. An incredible sight that you might only see in a place like Iceland. Among them, waterfalls and national parks are among the popular sights of this country. One of the most beautiful national parks in this country is Thingvellir National Park.

One of the main attractions of this national park is the possibility of walking between the two continents. This is exactly where the tectonic plates of North America and the tectonic plates of Europe and Asia meet. There is an incision in this national park that when you cross it, you are walking on the geographical borderline between the two continents. This area is rugged and has grooves that have gone to the heart of the earth and have been formed by the movement of these plates over the centuries. It is also possible to dive in these waters and swim between the two continents!

In addition to this borderline, there is a beautiful waterfall in the middle of this national park. Although Iceland is full of beautiful waterfalls, Oxararfoss is less well known than other waterfalls, but it is still one of the most important sights of Thingvellir National Park.

In addition to the natural and eye-catching scenery of this national park, the park has a special history to recount, many of which are written along the way for the information that is worth reading. Hundreds of years before Thingvellir National Park became what it is today; this was where the most important government decisions were made. In 930, for example, Icelanders gathered here to make important decisions and alleviate their problems, to share news about other inhabitants of the area. Later in the more modern world, rulers and government officials held this gathering. That is why such a name has been chosen for this national park. Thingvellir, written in Icelandic Thingvellier, means “grounds of parliament”.

Being in this place makes it easy for visitors to understand what Iceland was like in ancient times and where people used to gather thousands of years ago. Thingvellir is where many important decisions, which have played a role in the history of Iceland, are made. This is where they decided in 1944 that they decided to secede from Denmark and become independent.

This national park has something to offer everyone, whether those who are looking for history, those who want to adventure, or those who are looking for geological research. Walking in this national park in Iceland will be a different and special experience.

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