Kerala Hotels

Kerala has a variety of hotels and beach resorts of 5 stars, 4 stars, etc., which is a cozy place for the comfort and relaxation of travelers. The most important of these hotels are the 5-star Kumarakom Lake Resort, the 5-star The Zuri Kumarakom, the 4-star Coconut Lagoon, the 4-star Punnamada Resort and many more.

Kathakali dance show

Kathakali drama, art and spectacular dance show based on a story from the Ramayana and the Mahabharata, in which dancers professionally design and paint masks and dance to special drums and music.

Churches and temples of Cochin city

Cochin City has three distinct areas: Ernakulum, the Modern Eastern Region, and the older areas of Mattancherry and Cochin Castle. You can enjoy the city by cruising or walking on narrow roads and bridges or old areas. You will also be offered a visit to the Pardesi Synagogue, the Mattancherry Palace, as well as to Cochin Castle, which is reminiscent of European streets and houses, along with fishing tours on the north coast of Cochin, St. Francis Church. , And a lush English village, will not be without grace.

Kuttanad region

Kuttanad Village is a small 14 km village in Kuttanad district. This beautiful village is one of the wonders of the earth, which consists of a number of islands, and is an incredibly attractive paradise of mangrove forests. This whole island is like a green emerald with rice fields, coconut groves, enchanting waterways. It is adorned with scattered white lilies. This small blue world has a large number of traditional boats and kino that take you to the heart of Kerala.

Mattancherry Castle

The Portuguese built the Mattancherry Palace in 1557 as a gift to Raja, King of Cochin, in exchange for the right to trade. And rebuilt in 1663 by the Dutch. European intervention in the city is still evident in international history. The Jewish shrine is located in Mattancherry, and the Jews claim to have lived in the city since 587 BC, and the proof of this claim is found in the existing Messianic inscription, which is also one of the places visited by visitors. They can see it.

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