Meet the Lost Lake, Oregon, a stunning lake!

The lake is located in central Oregon and the forests of Vilamet. This strange phenomenon has been a question for many people, what or even who is causing it! Lost Oregon Lake disappears every summer and is found again in the following season.

As mentioned, at certain times of the year, the lake water disappeared for strange reasons. This phenomenon was weird to many scientists and researchers and the people that various researches were done on it. The Lost Lake of Oregon is filled with water every year in winter when it rains heavily, and in the summer (late spring), the lake becomes a meadow.

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The state of Oregon in the United States has about 19 lakes called the Lost Lake, but it can be said that the only thing that is lost is this lake.

The lake came into being almost 3,000 years ago; When volcanic lava from the surrounding mountains blocked the river that flooded the lake. Over time, the lake showed a phenomenon that was the loss of a hole in the ground of this area. In late autumn, the lake’s water is filled by different streams, and throughout the winter, the water increases, and the rain and snow in the area also contribute to this increase. But when spring turns to summer and these streams gradually dry up, the lake again disappears and turns into a land like a meadow.

The lake floor is connected to a lava pipe. This lava tube is formed when hot lava cools to a hard surface, but the lava below it continues to flow. After the lava or hot lava is discharged, this natural hollow tube remains, which may be as small as 30 cm or as large as a subway tunnel.

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