Montenegro (part1)

The beautiful country of Montenegro, known as the “Jewel of the Adriatic”, may not be very large, but with high mountains such as Bobotov Kuk at an altitude of 2522 meters above sea level and large lakes such as Lake Skadar. With an area of ​​370 square kilometers and deep valleys such as the Tara River Canyon, which is more than one kilometer deep, it has all the natural attractions together. The jewel of Eastern Europe, Montenegro is a combination of modern and traditional Europe, and you can find everything you expect from a beautiful, touristy country that is at the same time quiet in this beautiful little country. Montenegro is trying to join the European Union and is trying to modernize its system to find a place among European countries.

Kotor is a coastal city built on the edge of the sea and at the foot of a mountain. Boka Kotorska Bay, along which the city is built, has a shark-like shape. Couture is arguably the most beautiful city in Montenegro with its old and beautiful buildings, famous for its legendary sailors and merchants. Recently, the historic wall of the town of Kotor, located east of the Cephalofoil in the shadow of Mount Lovcen, has been inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. There are many ways to reach this beautiful area, for example you can reach this beautiful city through Cilipi Airport in Dubrovnik, Croatia, which is located 70 km from Montenegro.

You can choose and stay in one of the historical villas of the city for your stay in this beautiful city. The architecture of the houses and the style of urban planning in Kotor is more like that of Venice, and the walls of the houses are often stone and thick, and the roofs of the houses are honey-colored or brick. The gabled roofs of the houses, painted in bright and cheerful colors, and the large windows of the houses are all landscapes that make this city the most beautiful city in the small country of Montenegro, the jewel of Eastern Europe.

Continuing to visit the jewels of Eastern Europe, you can go to the beautiful village of Perast and be a guest of beautiful beach houses and small palaces that look like a work of art from afar next to the beautiful churches of the city. The beautiful church of this region and two small islands, one of which is man-made, will amaze you.

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