A church in the middle of the bay

The story of the construction of this island and the church is known, as Our Lady is very interesting. In 1452, two young anglers decided to build a church for anglers in the area to boost their work and business, but there were no islands in the area, so they had to build islands first and then build their church on it. The mission to build this church took more than 200 years to complete Our Lady of the Rocks Cathedral.

Of course, we do not recommend buying a house or villa in this area, but you can enjoy delicious and fresh seafood meals cooked with fresh tuna and natural olive oil in the area and enjoy this food in the beautiful seafood restaurant “Konoba Skolji”. You can also visit the Maritime Museum in this beautiful city.

Finally, we suggest that you visit the church by boat. Of course, exploring the streets of Kotor is also a great way to immerse yourself in the heart of history. No car is allowed inside the historic wall and the streets and alleys of this old texture and the historic streets of the city are all paved with limestone from ancient times.

To visit the jewels of Eastern Europe, head to the north of the country and the beautiful village of Prcanj, where the famous English poet Lord Byron wrote beautiful poems out of his love for a local girl from the village. You can go cycling to explore this area and cycle along the beautiful Montenegrin bay and relax on the gentle slopes of the lush hills of the area whenever you are very tired.

The people of Montenegro have an interesting idea about their country, they say, “God has spent six whole days creating the earth, and the seventh day has only created the Gulf of Kotor.”

Visiting the jewels of Eastern Europe is not limited to seeing historical monuments, it is better to visit Durmitor National Park, which is located around the mountain village of Zabljak. This forest park with its dense forests and beautiful lakes is a paradise for nature lovers. Durmitor National Park is located in the Alps and has high peaks where the region’s glaciers offer spectacular views. 18 lakes flowing from the high peaks of Durmitor National Park, the source of which is glaciers, and the second deepest valley in the world called Tara River Valley with 1300 meters vertical height is located in this national park. If you travel to the jewels of Eastern Europe in the winter, be sure not to forget winter activities such as skiing and snowboarding, and if you plan to travel in the summer, include boating and off-roading in the Mojas and mountaineering in the Alps.

The park’s wildlife is home to more than 163 species of animals. Birds and mammals such as wild boar and brown bears live in this national park. You will be amazed along the Danube River in this beautiful park, and the view of the silver salmon moving in the opposite direction of the water is very interesting.

After visiting Durmitor National Park, do not forget to sail on Skadar Lake. Boating in this calm lake, you will experience silence and tranquility and enjoy the sound of birds, which is unique and makes the trip to the jewel of Eastern Europe, Montenegro unmatched for you. The interesting thing to know about the beautiful Skadar Lake is that it is located on the border of Montenegro and Albania and has an area of ​​more than 400 square kilometers, two-thirds of which is in Montenegro and the rest in Albania, and a refuge for birds. In addition, is considered an animal species.

A trip to Montenegro, the jewel of Eastern Europe, will be a memorable trip for you to see everything you expect in a small country, a quiet country with small and pleasant cities that shine in Eastern Europe and with its many historical and natural attractions. It attracts many tourists every year.

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