Norilsk (part2)

Norilsk biggest problem, before the temperature, is its pollution. Annually, more than 4 million tons of copper, lead, cadmium, nickel, arsenic, sulfur, and other toxic chemicals enter the region. The pollution of the area is so severe that the snow sometimes turns black, yellow, and sometimes even pink. The volume of acid rain in the region is the same as in Germany. The amount of sulfur dioxide in the air is very high and within a radius of about 20 miles, there is no living thing except a mulberry tree and a rare poisonous mushroom. The reason for the absence of any plants in the area is simple, the soil of this area is polluted like air and the only advantage of the soil of the area is the minerals in it to extract it.

The average life expectancy among the city’s residents is ten years lower than the average life expectancy in Russia. Residents of the area suffer from many respiratory diseases, cancer, and various skin diseases, and only 4% of the city’s adults are healthy.

It is clear that those who live and work in Norilsk have stayed here only for money, but even those who have migrated to the city voluntarily are trying to escape. Leaving this city is not easy, especially for older residents who have a pension, family, and home. Property prices in this city are very low, which means that you can not leave the city because it is almost impossible to buy property in other areas.

The sad part is that the people of this city work for mining companies and their salaries go back to the pockets of these companies because all the shops and stores that sell the products that people need belong to these companies.

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