Portugal attractions!

Portugal has many attractions, but most of them are found in major and busiest cities, including Lisbon, because many tourists are not aware of the hidden jewelry around the country. In this article, we point out six places of interest in Portugal. Which is hidden from tourists.


This small village is nestled in the mountains, but that is not the only thing that fascinates this city, the giant boulders that surround parts of the city along with stone houses and narrow medieval streets. , Have all made Monasanto a city that has emerged from history.

Vila Franca do Campo, Azores

Villa Franca de Campo is one of the islands of the Azores, which is the mouth of an ancient volcanic mountain that has sunk under the sea today. What remains of a volcanic mountain that forms the island is a beautiful spherical lake and the rocks and pebbles around it. The waters of this lake are very blue and clear and are suitable for swimming and diving. The island is home to many species of birds and plants.


Batalha is a small town located two hours north of Lisbon. Batalha Monastery is one of the most important attractions of the city. A giant structure made of stalls. This church is a Gothic masterpiece built in the 14th century.

Villa Vicosa

Villa Vicosa is one of the western cities of Portugal and its main square is one of the most popular parts of the city. The city is located near the Spanish border and its economy is based on local marbles. Villa Vicosa may not seem like a tourist attraction, but recently many tourists travel to the city to visit the castle on the hill and the old streets and drink Portuguese coffee in cafes.


Baleal is a village separated from Portugal by a narrow sandy path. The village, which is an island, consists of rocks and boulders that have emerged strangely from the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. Surfing is very popular in this village.


Ferragudo is an old and quiet fishing village located on the Arade River. This village has amazingly preserved its old nature and has not been developed like other coastal villages. Seafood, the especially fish, is very popular in the restaurants of this village. Beach enthusiasts can also walk on the village sands and pebbles and see the area’s popular lighthouse.

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