Reasons why we should travel to Oman (part 3)

The Omani are proud to have preserved their culture, traditions, and values. Not only do they follow their traditions and culture in their daily lives, but they also attend parties and celebrations in their traditional attire. In Oman, each region has its clothes. Although they may be similar in general, the design and colors of each area are unique and different.

Khareef Salalah Festival

Khareef in English means the season of monsoon rains. This season in Oman starts in late June and lasts until late September. In this season, the city of Salalah in Oman becomes a green and rainy paradise. Salalah is very attractive for tourists and locals this season.

Oman allows most passports to enter the country to expand its tourism and has even transferred visas to the airport for the convenience of tourists. Tourists can get to the country without any hassle and be welcomed by Omani people at the airport (Oman has also agreed to issue airport visas to Iranian citizens since the beginning of this year). Are you planning a trip to Oman? Do you think it is worth visiting this area for once? If so, let us get a little more familiar with some of Oman’s shopping malls and restaurants.

The best shopping malls in Oman

Oman is known as one of the countries with many shopping malls. Usually, tourists travel to this country, in addition to visiting the luxury shopping malls of this country to buy from famous brands, and in the traditional parts of Oman, they also buy handicrafts and cultural goods of this country. In this section, we will introduce 3 famous shopping centers in this country.

1- Oman Owen Mall

Oman Shopping Center in Oman has a very beautiful and special architecture that dazzles the eyes of every viewer. In this shopping center, which has an area of ​​fewer than seven hectares, a large number of stores selling accessories such as; Clothing and accessories, jewelry, appliances, perfumes and colognes, bags and shoes, furniture, and even music accessories are offered. In addition to retail stores, this shopping center also has several beautiful restaurants and cafes for the convenience of customers when shopping. Has taken that can complete the pleasure of shopping.

2- Al-Araimi Shopping Center

Al-Araimi Shopping Center is one of the most up-to-date and well-known shopping centers in Oman. In this shopping center, the most well known fashion brands are easily presented to enthusiasts. In the Al-Araimi Shopping Center, items such as; Clothes, cosmetics, perfumes, and colognes and a summary of everything related to fashion are offered. In addition to these goods, there are shops for the supply of music equipment and electronic devices.

3- Design market

This market can be introduced as the most famous and popular market in Oman among tourists. However, why this market is so popular and popular may be due to its traditional and local design, and the second reason for this fame is the very high diversity of market goods. This bazaar is so beautiful that even if you do not intend to buy it, you can go to visit it and enjoy its Arabic design. The proposed bazaar offers a unique variety of goods from clothing to antiques and handicrafts.

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