The loneliest tree in the world (part1)

On the fallen island of Campbell, 600 km south of New Zealand, there is the solitary Sitka spruce tree, which is actually the loneliest tree on earth. The nearest neighbor of this tree is more than 220 km away and is located on the island of Auckland, and the closest member of his family is located in another good land on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. So how did this spruce tree come here?

Campbell Island is one of the southernmost islands of New Zealand. Due to the strong westerly winds that blow on this island, it is not possible for any tall plant to grow. The climate of this region is not icy, but it is not so pleasant. The island’s temperature rarely reaches above 10 degrees. Almost all days of the year, the weather is cloudy and most days it is rainy. There are only 40 days without rain on Campbell Island, and it is hardly sunny 600 hours a year (less than two hours a day on average). The only plants that have survived this condition are an evergreen plant called mega herbs. These plants have unusually large, broad leaves (this is wide enough to get the most sunlight).

Sitka spruce does not grow in every region. There are virtually no Sitka spruce trees in the southern hemisphere. The only native area of ​​the tree is the narrow belt of the west coast of North America, which stretches from Alaska and British Columbia to northern California.

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