The strangest facilities of cruise ships (part1)

The sea voyage is one of the most exciting experiences that anyone can have in their lifetime and if this voyage is with cruise ships, the pleasure will be doubled. Today, cruise ships themselves are a tourist destination and the passengers of these ships, in addition to touring and visiting several different cities and countries, enjoy the interesting and exciting facilities of the ship. Cinemas and swimming pools are no longer interesting for cruise ship passengers, and now on ships, we see facilities such as a karting track or robotic waiters. Here are some other interesting features of cruise ships so that if you plan to experience such a trip, you know more about the details!

Submarine for underwater circulation

Some Crystal Cruises ships have an interesting submarine that can be carried by two people with a driver, with which it can go to a depth of 300 meters. Its domed glass roof allows tourists to have a 360-degree view and enjoy underwater, watching the fish, the world of colorful corals, and the remains of sunken ships.

Service robots

Royal Caribbean International cruise ships use intelligent robots that perform tasks with a certain speed, accuracy, and finesse for some service tasks such as serving drinks.

Wrestling karting track

If you are interested in speed and excitement and feel that the speed of the ship is slow, Norwegian Cruise Line has built a karting track on its cruise ship to meet this need. This outdoor track provides a beautiful view of the sea from a high altitude in front of your eyes and small cars can race on this track at a speed of 50 kilometers per hour. The track is two-story and has a fence around it and up to 10 people can play on it at the same time.

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