The world’s largest indoor waterfall at Singapore Airport!

Officials at Singapore’s Changi Airport plan to retain the title of the best airport in the world for the seventh year in a row by adding new facilities to the airport. Airport officials will spare no effort to preserve the title.

In the latest move, airport officials are set to add new features to the airport in a new and unique design, connecting all three terminals at Changi Airport. The project will be implemented in 2019 and will be more than a simple corridor for communication between terminals in this place. Nearly $ 1.7 billion has been allocated to the design of this recreational space, which consists of a hotel with 100 rooms, 300 shops, restaurants, cafes, and hanging forest gardens, and a beautiful waterfall that is supposed to be the largest indoor waterfall in the world. . The complex is to be built on three separate and beautiful floors called Canopy Park, Forest Valley, and Rainbow Whirlpool. The name of the whole collection is “jewel”.

Canopy Park covers an area of ​​more than 14,000 square meters and includes beautiful gardens and parks, and has two walkways that will be built at a height of 25 meters above the ground. These hanging corridors have two beautiful labyrinths that passengers can have a lot of fun to spend their time, especially between long-haul flights. Mirror Labyrinth and Garden Labyrinth are the names of these two beautiful labyrinths that you may have seen in movies.

The forest valley is also a 5-story garden that will be built with seasonal herds and beautiful green trails for hiking. The most important and perhaps the most attractive part of this collection is the “rain vortex” section, which will be built in the center of the “jewel” collection. This beautiful rain vortex is located at a height of 40 meters above the ground and the largest indoor waterfall is located in this area.

The canopy bridge overlooks this beautiful waterfall and travelers can enjoy the beautiful lighting of the waterfall and the blue show in harmony with the music while sightseeing.

If you are planning to travel to Singapore, it may be better to postpone your trip until the opening and operation of this beautiful entertainment space at Singapore Changi Airport. Passengers can have a great time at the most beautiful airport in the world during the extra time between their two flights.

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