Top attractions of Omaro and Auckland, New Zealand

The city is known as the “Capital of Steam Punk (a subgenre of the science fiction genre in literature) New Zealand” and is known for its Victorian architecture, tranquil setting, unique art culture and, of course, its penguins. Most tourists come to Omar to watch the penguins, but you can also enjoy the artistic atmosphere, chic shops and Steam Punk scenery with a more extended stay in the city. You can also take a day trip on historic roads on the Alps to Ocean Cycleway or challenge yourself with a 4-6-day bike ride. You can see rare yellow penguins on Bushi beach and enjoy watching small blue penguins around the harbour.

The port city of Auckland in New Zealand is the only metropolis and economic boom of the country.
The city of sails is the first place to visit for many New Zealand tourists. Staying in this city for a few days and seeing its attractions, and discovering its culture is one of the most enjoyable adventure trips. You will not find Auckland monuments, museums and galleries in any other city in the country. Of course, beaches and islands have made this city the right choice for a beach for friends.

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The sky tower is shaped like a needle and, with a height of 328 meters, is the most prominent attraction and the tallest building in the city. If you are looking for a place to see the city’s best panoramic view, go to the platform of this tower to see even 80 km further. Of course, it is not just the view that makes this tower popular, but also its exciting adventures because you can jump down from this tower’s platform and experience bungee jumping.

The port of Waitemata divides the city into two parts and is a religious attraction. The port’s main feature is that ships from all over the country can quickly move there, and it was this extraordinary feature of this port that made Auckland the capital of New Zealand in 1840. In the middle of this port is a beautiful bridge that is 43 meters high and more than 1 km long, built-in 1959 to connect the lower parts of the city to the northern areas. Quay Street is located in the downtown area along the harbour and has access to Prince Pier and Boat Terminal.

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