Unique attractions of Tallinn , Estonia

The medieval city of Tallinn has an inviting atmosphere and with its mysterious features, it provides suitable opportunities for photography. The old town is so well maintained that its charm will impress you at any moment. Whether you are planning to spend a few days in this city or you have chosen Tallinn as a day trip from Helsinki, do not neglect to do the following 10 items.

1- Start your tour from Market Square.

As the center of the old city, this square is a great place to start your sightseeing in the cobbled streets. From here, you can notice the vitality of the city and in a 360-degree rotation, you will encounter the background of the “Game of Thrones” series (without considering tourists, of course).

Unique attractions of Tallinn, Estonia

2- From Toompea, watch the view of the city.

If you travel to Tallinn, everyone will tell you that the best view of the city can be seen from the top of Toompea. Of course, if you continue reading the article, you will realize that there are much better perspectives! Toompea is a neighborhood that overlooks the Old Town and is a place where you can also visit St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral.

3. Walk into St. Alexander Nevsky Church.

Located on the hill of Toompea, this church is a very beautiful orthodox church. It was built in 1900, when Estonia was still part of the Russian Empire. Although photography is not allowed inside the church, it is best to step inside and watch the delicate architecture, beautiful mosaics and golden candlesticks up close.

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4- See the best view from St. Olaf Church.

It may seem a little strange, but tourists usually do not bother to climb the 258 steps to reach the highest point of St. Olaf Church, thus enjoying the best view of the old town. The church tower dates back to 1267 and was previously used to watch ships approaching the city, although today it is one of the most important attractions in the city that you must include in your plan. Visiting the tower costs 3 euros, but for those who are interested in hunting pristine landscapes and taking unique photos, this amount is really a small amount.

5- Walk in the cobbled streets.

One of your most enjoyable experiences in Tallinn is exploring its cobbled streets. The old streets are very suitable for photography, and this is directly related to the colorful buildings, special shapes and colored doors of Tallinn. The most beautiful streets in the city are Pikk (the longest street in the old town) and Katariina Käik.

6- Visit the 15th century pharmacy of the old city!

One of the beauties of Tallinn is that it can take you back in time. Inside this pharmacy, which is located in the market square, you can find a variety of the strangest items, including the unicorn! According to some, this pharmacy has the longest record of activity in Europe and it is interesting to know that it has also been a favorite place of Russian tsars. Remember that the pharmacy is closed on Sundays!

7- Visit the walls of the old city.

Another stunning view of the city is by walking along the medieval walls around the old town. When your tour around the wall is over, head to Kiek in de kök to learn about Tallinn’s defensive history. Even today, cannonballs used in the Livonian Wars can still be seen behind Ivan the Terrible.

8- Make yourself a guest of the most beautiful pastry shop in the city!

After a long day of wandering the streets, head to the most interesting (as well as delicious) pastry shop in town called Rukis. This pastry shop is located on Viru Street and there are tempting items at a price of 2-3 Euros each that can not be said no!

Unique attractions of Tallinn, Estonia

9- Visit Toompea Castle.

The castle is located directly in front of St. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral and is now the seat of the Estonian Parliament, but it was once one of the oldest castles in use since the ninth century.

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10. Go to Helsinki by boat.

If you are planning to visit different parts of Estonia and have not visited Helsinki, one of your best options is a day trip to Helsinki, which is only 2 hours away from Tallinn and is the opposite point. The Helsinki experience is more urban than Tallinn and is especially suitable for those who are interested in design and love going to different cafes.

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