What will the holiday be like at the volcano?

It may seem strange to want to spend your vacation in the heart of a volcano, where its beaches are black, it has hot springs, and its food is prepared on the fire that comes out of the ground! However, where can you have such a holiday?

If you want to have such an unforgettable vacation, go to the Azores. The Algerian archipelago in Portugal, located in the North Atlantic Ocean. Islands where you can go on adventures. The Azores include nine islands, all of which are of volcanic origin. All these islands have beautiful and wonderful views and are suitable for people who are interested in nature. The Azores are known as the greenest tourist destinations.

The Azores offer a variety of recreational activities, from cycling in its lush and dreamy environment to boating, swimming, paragliding, whaling, mountaineering, horseback riding, and bird watching. It will be unforgettable. The Azores are one of the best places to watch dolphins and whales. The archipelago is home to almost a third of the different species of whales and dolphins. If the weather conditions are right, mountaineering enthusiasts can go to the top of Portugal’s highest mountain, Mount Pico at 7713 feet. This route takes three hours.

Extraordinary natural landscapes, beautiful waterfalls, clear and healing waters, different species of aquatic animals and various entertainments in the Azores islands have made some people consider it a garden of paradise. Where you are away from the hustle and bustle of big cities and you can live in the most beautiful natural landscapes and spend your time.

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