10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

Nordic countries are often known as winter travel destinations for tourists. However, the summers in these areas are no less than the winters in terms of fun and entertainment, especially because the locals appreciate the individual rays of the sun. Experience things to do in Scandinavian summer this year! In this article, we are going to introduce you to things to do in Scandinavian summer. The following is a list of things to do in Scandinavian summer.

List of things to do in Scandinavian summer

10. Do not sleep in Lapland

The sun does not set in Lapland for two months! This phenomenon is called the midnight sun. During this time, pristine nature is revealed, dense forests are covered in vibrant green colors, and valleys bloom with their colorful flowers.

Rent a war hut and enjoy the sun and Finnish nature. Rest assured that this trip will have an amazing and invigorating effect on you.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

9 – Walk in the Faroe Islands

The summers of these islands have a mild and favorable climate. Tourists come to this place to not only admire its beautiful nature, but also to relax. In summer, these islands are covered with morning fog, which gives them a magical appearance.

This is an ideal place for those who are looking for a destination with great views, suitable opportunities for sightseeing, walking and relaxation.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

8. Take short trips to the beaches of Denmark

The Danes coined the word staycation, which means to spend time quietly on the shoreline. Locals are not strict people. They walk on the sandy beach, swim and bike and even fly their kites.

It is a quiet, pristine and untouched region and its general conditions are very different from the southern countries. If you are looking for a quiet place to spend your vacation, travel to the beaches of Denmark.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

7. Surf like the Finns

This may come as a surprise to most of you, but the south coast attracts countless surfers from all over Finland. There are very strong waves in this area that draw sports enthusiasts to this area to practice.

This is one of the most exciting places for surfing that professional adventurers are a testament to that.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

6- Swim in Malmö

Malm. Is the most famous resort in Sweden with a sandy beach surrounded by greenery. Swimming decks along the shoreline allow swimmers a variety of activities.

In addition to beautiful beaches, Malm. Is full of accommodations, restaurants, cafes and bars. So get ready for a great vacation here.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

5. Explore Lofoten Island

One of the most beautiful archipelagos you have ever seen is Lofoten, which also has coral reefs, a phenomenon that is very unusual for the Northern Hemisphere. Apart from the amazing nature, Norwegian fishing villages are also scattered in this area.

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Travel to this place and experience its magical nature and unique scenery.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

4. Ride on the Ring Road

Ringing on a ring road is very popular in Iceland because of the scenery on the route, which is one of the most beautiful in the world. This road winds around the island and has some of the most famous wonders of the country.

Rent a car and hit the road. Set up camp midway or in remote local villages, find accommodation with beautiful beaches.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

3. Immerse yourself in culture in Copenhagen

In the summers, the Danish capital hosts many festivals, events and entertainment. From music and theater performances to food festivals and the Color Run Race, most of which are free to the public!

These diverse programs will make you experience the excitement of a trip to beautiful Copenhagen.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

2. Spend the weekend in Gotland

Gotland is one of Sweden’s most famous islands with beautiful medieval architecture and is also protected by UNESCO. You can explore the island through a network of roads and enjoy its exciting and interesting scenery.

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It is one of the most popular summer tourist destinations for locals, which also provides a great day trip from Stockholm for tourists.

10 things to do in Scandinavian summer!

1- Cruise ship from the plateaus of Norway Fjords

Norway is one of the few countries with extraordinary plateaus. Summers are the best time to explore these plateaus. There are several tours that take you on a cruise ship along the coast to the innermost parts of the plateau.

A trip to these areas will acquaint you with the greatness of this country and will remain in your mind as an unforgettable memory.


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