The continent of Europe is the second smallest continent in the world, which is known as the green continent, and this fame, as its name suggests, is due to the natural and extraordinary environment of this continent, and if we say that half of the world’s beauties, There is a lot of fakes in this continent, we are not exaggerating. Due to these characteristics, there are various destinations in this continent that are suitable for people who are interested in adventure. We have identified 10 suitable routes for adventure travel destinations in Europe for you. Stay with us to review these 10 destinations together.

  1. Horse riding, Turkey

Another name for the plains of Turkey is the land of beautiful horses. Beautiful and natural landscapes, where herds of beautiful and wild horses can live in every hidden spot, it is a destination full of adventure and adrenaline for every traveler. To travel to this place, group trips are usually suitable for 8 days. Be sure to include the tourist destinations for remote villages in your adventure visit plan. For riding, no matter how long you stay, don’t spend more than 6 hours a day because it is more harmful for your knees. Riders traditionally spread a rug on the ground every night and as a base, everyone gathers there and eats dinner. Also, these plains have hotels and residences for accommodation.

  1. Long march, Balkans

Traveling to the Balkans and experiencing Via Dinarica is an interesting experience for any adventurer. This center was launched 2 years ago and it is possible to walk and ride a bike along a very long and special route. The Via Dinarica route starts from the Slovenian Dinar Alps in North Macedonia and passes through Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro and Albania. To choose your path, there are 3 suitable ideas; If you intend to ride a bike through the mountains or difficult paths, choose your route from the places marked with the white trail and the green trail. And if you intend to walk easily with natural and beautiful scenery, use the paths with the blue trail.

  1. Adventure in the world of wildlife, Spain

One of the world’s endangered feline species, which can be fascinating and memorable for any wildlife lover, is the Spanish lynx cat. This cat lives on the island of Ibian, which is currently half of the island in the way of the highway. Today, this strange and rare cat can only be found in two places in the world, Doñana National Park on the southern coast of Spain and Andújar National Park in Andalusia. There are many plans to visit this cat It is even possible to use two destinations on the same route. We recommend you to definitely visit these two places in your travel plan to Spain to see this rare and wild animal and of course other animals such as; Include wild mouflon and imperial eagle.

10 adventure destinations in Europe

  1. Cycling, Romania

In most parts of Romania, its natural attractions such as ancient forests, high mountains and old villages have been protected for centuries. Transylvania is one of the last great wildernesses of Europe, which has a fascinating history and culture and protects it. When traveling to Romania, if you are interested in cycling, be sure to visit Transylvania and experience the tourism services there, especially cycling in this region. Of course, on the way you can visit local houses and ancient places that are allowed to enter. We must say that your route passes through local shepherds and their grazing herds, green hills and other ancient places in this region.

  1. Sailing, Estonia

The Baltic coast of Estonia is a pristine and wild coast, and human actions have not been able to make many changes in this coast. One of these human measures has been the use of the island of this coast for military experiments of the former Soviet Union. Anyway, the remnants of this military presence on this beach are some abandoned houses that have now become bird nests. Tourist establishments located in this area offer several adventure trips with yachts. Diving and visiting the islands around this beach, such as Prangali Island and Kolga Island, are other options for this adventurous trip.

10 adventure destinations in Europe

  1. Hiking in the mountains, Slovakia

There are countless routes for hiking and adventure in Europe for adventurous travelers, but one of the most exciting routes that can be mentioned is between the border of Poland and Slovakia, which can even be a cheap alternative to replacing the Alps. be in Switzerland Views of rocky peaks, green valleys, sparkling lakes are only a part of the scenery of this mountain. Of course, this point should not be forgotten that choosing this path will challenge your legs and take you to a very long but really beautiful path, but with a long and mountainous path. We recommend you that if you choose this route as your adventure travel destination, be sure to prepare your legs and bring enough equipment with you.

  1. Valley climbing, Kursia Island

The beautiful island of Corsica is located in France and is considered an ideal destination for many who want a luxury vacation in the islands of France. But this island is not only suitable for rich people who want luxury, but also for adventurous people who are interested in natural exploration trips. Difficult but interesting hiking valleys are one of the features that make this island suitable for an adventurous destination. Excursions and walking between the rocks and jumping into the river and jumping from a height are among the tourist attractions that have been created in this area.

  1. Diving and hiking, Iceland

With semi-active volcanoes, hot springs and natural glaciers, Iceland is a full-fledged destination for an adventurous traveler, and everything he wants from a place for an adrenaline rush can be found in this place. Photographing the lakes created between the Eurasian plate and North America is a diving experience that you may not be able to experience in other seas like there. Leaving the land behind and entering the world of the waters is another option for your adventure in this area.

10 adventure destinations in Europe

  1. Road trip, Norway

Norway’s roads pass through mountains, remote villages and coastal roads, and apart from these, the general nature of Norway is perhaps the main reason for choosing this country as an adventure travel destination. In the summer season, people can set up tents and camps in suitable places, which is perhaps one of the attractions of driving on Norwegian roads. Another attraction of the road trip in Norway is the road from the north of Bergen, next to the Atlantic Ocean, and you will encounter this view on the road. On your way is the world’s longest road tunnel called Trollstegen.

  1. Ice climbing, Switzerland

For those who have a good relationship with the cold, ice climbing in the Alps can be one of the adventure destinations in Europe for any tourist. Sleeping in local huts, riding a bike and facing the unknowns of the road are some of the attractions of this route.

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