The most famous souvenirs of foreign countries

In this article, we will introduce the famous souvenirs of different countries. Tourists considered them as the best souvenirs of those countries. However, the role of souvenirs is much more and the host country can play the role of exporting its culture to other places. Among the richer countries and cultures, such as Egypt, Greece has many souvenirs which are different in each part of the country.

1- Maltese – honey

We start with honey, one of the most famous foods in the world. Honey dates back to the Paleolithic. But why honey is known as one of the famous souvenirs of Maltese is enough to know that the country of Maltese itself means honey! Maltese is a Greek word meaning honey. There is also a special species of bees living in Maltese that the taste and aroma of the honey.

2- Italy – leather goods

One of the most attractive and at the same time the most famous souvenirs of Italy can be named leather goods that include a wide range of products such as bags, shoes, clothes, etc. One of the best places to buy these souvenirs is the market of San Lorenzo in Florence.

3- Netherlands – Delft dishes

Delft pottery has a very high reputation that you can found in other European countries besides the Netherlands. Delft, as its name implies, is a type of pottery. It originates from Delft. Delft dishes are usually made in blue and white colors and have protrusions. Delft dishes are one of the best souvenirs in the Netherlands.

4- Russia – Matryoshka

Matryoshka or Matryoshka does not need a special introduction. Almost all of us are familiar with these cute nesting dolls or even played with them at some point. Matroshka is inspired by a kind of Japanese doll called kokeshi. Kokeshi represented the seven Gods of fortune in Japan. We know Matryoshka as a Russian symbol and souvenir. Finally, if you go to Russia one day, try to buy a good and original matryoshka. The original matryoshka was made of birch wood or zircon wood.

5- Mexico – Maya wooden masks

Despite the habitation of a mysterious civilization like the Maya, there is no reason not to be proud. However, it is enough to visit the local shops of Mexico to buy a Mayan mask.

6- Boomerang – Australia

Boomerang is one of the oldest hand-made hunting tools, dating back to 25,000 to 50,000 years ago. Just when Indigenous Australians first invented the device, which is now mostly used as a hobby. Another famous Australian souvenir is the beautiful opal stone. Of course, opal, especially black opal, is one of the most expensive stones, and if you cannot afford it, you can buy a boomerang.

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7- Turkish coffee

Turkey is a country with a rich and ancient culture that has famous and often delicious souvenirs! In this list, we chose Turkish coffee as a selection of Turkish souvenirs. Turkish coffee is not something that can be tried only in Turkey and wait for the next trips. Because at a reasonable price, you can prepare it to make both you and your loved ones happy with the unique taste of this coffee.

8- Germany – Berlin Wall

If you go to Germany and visit the Brandenburg Gate and the Conservatory, do not forget that you can buy a piece of the broken Berlin Wall for a few tens of euros. It can be the best German souvenir.

9- Japan – Fan

Although Japanese fans can be easily found in every city and country, buying a Japanese fan on Tokyo’s neon nights will make a difference. You can also get a kimono.

10- North Korea – Money

North Korean currency is one of the country’s most valuable souvenirs that no tourist has the right to cross the border. However, with a little ingenuity and embedding, this is not impossible.

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