France had reportedly been the world’s most visited tourist destination for five consecutive years before the pandemic. There must be an apparent reason behind that. When it comes to France, you can’t name only a few things to show why people from all around the world are obsessed with this country. If you’re interested in sightseeing, France has got you covered with all of its significant historical landmarks. It is a heart of art and culture in Europe and also all around the world. Another great thing about the French is their cuisine. Food is one thing you can really enjoy while in France.

It’s helpful to know the top cities in France if you intend to travel there. Each one of the cities in France can amaze you with its unique environment. Knowing the top cities in France and their specificities can help you have a great time in France while planning your vacation and knowing exactly when and where to visit.


As French is famous for being ‘la langue de l’amour,’ Paris is renowned for being one of the most romantic cities in the world. Laden with art, history, and culture, the ‘City of Lights’ could create an unforgettable experience for you. I bet you can’t even visit all of the historical landmarks in this city even if you spent your whole vacation only in Paris. Needless to say, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre are two of Paris’s most known landmarks. If you’re interested in shopping, you sure will enjoy a walk through the Champs-Elysées. If you’re into trying new food, there are over a hundred Michelin-starred restaurants you could try out. Or you could walk along the river or cruise on a boat along River Seine.


Visiting Nice is a must if you’re traveling to France. What’s excellent about nice is that it has both the greatness of art, so much that it compares to those of Paris, and the sunshine and scenery that you can get nowhere else. You can even visit the Vieille Ville and feel like you’re in Italy.

You can feel this Italian vibe throughout the city since it’s only 15 miles away from the border. What could top that? Not to mention the Premenade des Anglais, which is the pedestrian avenue following the curve of the Baie des Anges, the wide bay with azure waters.


So much has been said about the French cuisine, but I can guarantee that the best you can experience is that of Lyon, the ‘Gastronomic Capital of the World.’ Lyon is one of the top cities in France; it is also called France’s ‘second city’ due to its rich cultural heritage.

The Musée des Beaux-Arts is the next great museum after the Louvre due to its exceptional collection. The city is flooded with UNESCO-listed historical sites, including Le Théâtre Antique de Fourvière, Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière and the Cathédrale Saint-Jean-Baptiste. There’s only so much to enjoy in Lyon that it requires an independent trip.


Another one of the top cities in France, Bordeaux, has been designated as a World Heritage site due to the magnificent cultural heritage and abundance of architectural treasures. The twin-towered cathedral at the heart of the city is only one of over 300 registered monuments.

Aside from that, the city is called France’s ‘wine capital.’ If you’re a fan of tasting a great wine (who isn’t?), Bordeaux is your place. Some of the most incredible places you can visit in this city are the Place de la Bourse square, the medieval Cathédrale Saint-André, and the Porte Cailhau. Shopping is another joy you can experience in Bordeaux while walking through the city’s main shopping street, Rue saint-Catherine.


Like almost all other top cities of France, Strasbourg is rich with cultural and historical landmarks. The Grande-Île at the center of Strasbourg is designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. The Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Strasbourg is one of the most famous landmarks in France, dating back to the 11th century.

It is very much recommended that you visit this Gothic monument. La Petite France is probably the second most attractive part of this district. It is a labyrinth of cobblestone streets, pedestrian alleyways, and canals crossed by bridges. Spring and summer are probably the best times to visit Strasbourg. Christmas time is also glorious if you manage to stay there.

There are many more and many other great cities in France that you can visit and enjoy. There’s no end to the amount of artistic and historical beauty of this land. It sure deserves the title of being the world’s most visited tourism destination.

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