A large river flows through this beautiful city that evokes a special peace in the minds of its inhabitants. Paris is a city with a population of 12 million people that has the best historical and cultural sites in the world, from the past this city can be turned into The feudal state was mentioned in the 9th century AD and it is good to know that in 987 this city was declared as the capital of France.

The first signs of habitation in the city date back to 4200 years ago, the growth and development of the city was planned and implemented by the Roman Empire, and one of its old names is Lotus.

About Paris

Important areas of the city, including temples, baths, palaces and theaters, were built during the Roman Empire, but the German invasion destroyed the city in the third century AD, replacing the previous name of the city, Paris, with the name chosen by the Roman government. However, its poor condition has displaced many residents, but now, hundreds of years later, Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in the world and attracts many foreign tourists through tourist tours every year.

Paris weather

Spring, summer and autumn are the most beautiful seasons in Paris, but the winter is cold in this city, this beautiful city has an oceanic climate, humid and stable climate (average temperature 15 degrees) that New Year’s Eve for tourists The tour of Paris is very attractive and memorable.

Of course, if you like to enjoy the southern coast of France, the sea temperature is warm only in the months of June to September and is suitable for swimming.

Paris is the center of art and beauty

Paris is the center of art and beauty, this region is known as the city of flowers and wine, most of the country’s industrial activities, including French car manufacturing, take place in Paris. The city is full of streets, museums, historical sites, restaurants and nightclubs that are very popular with foreign tourists. The city of residence of famous artists and writers is the city of Paris, the costume designs of this city are of interest to many people around the world, so that in the world of fashion, the use of terms such as “Paris fashion” is very common.

Shopping in Paris

Representations of major brands and brands around the world are located in this city, which provides a good opportunity for tourists touring Paris. The best festival in France, which is held in Paris, belongs to the Fashion Week, which is held twice a year and the venue is the Palace of Versailles. Shopping in Paris is very exciting, the prices are not cheap, but the beauty of all the goods is stunning.

Notre Dame

Notre Dame is located in the heart of the island of Seine. Yves Kundral has been a religious figure for at least 2,000 years.

In the 4th century AD, a Christian church called St. Etienne was built here; Two centuries later, a second church connected the two, dedicated to Mary. The Norman invasions left both churches in disarray, and in the 12th century Bishop Maris Dosoli decided to build a cathedral in their place. It took 167 years to complete the main part of Notre Dame, which began in 1163. Its transition from Romantic to Gothic is an excellent example of medieval architecture; A theory that has old and new opponents. Christian monks protested that such a magnificent structure was an insult to the sanctity of god-like poverty, and many purists today consider Notre Dame’s architecture too lavish.

What is Paris known for?

Its original architect is anonymous, but Pierre de Montreux did most of the work in the 13th century. The current view of the cathedral is from Eugene Violet Duke, who rebuilt it from 1845 to 1863 after the ruins of the 18th century.

The cause of these destructions was more the pre-revolutionary rioters than the revolutionaries who tore down the religious symbols. Victor Hugo’s novel (Notre Dame de Paris) inspired these reconstructions.

This central church has witnessed glorious ceremonies over the centuries, including the coronation of Louis IX in 1239, during which the pious king walked barefoot while carrying the sacred jewel, which is said to have been the crown of thorns of Christ. .

Henry IV converted to Catholicism here in 1594 to strengthen his ties with the Kingdom of France. At Notre Dame, Napoleon proclaimed himself emperor and was crowned emperor, and the pope, who had come to Paris for the ceremony, painted the great painting of the great Jacques Louis Davis called (Napoleon’s coronation).

This painting is now kept in the Louvre. Newer ceremonies include the liberation of Paris in 1944 by General de Gaulle and his burial in 1970.

Paris Louvre museum

There are more than 35,000 valuable and artistic masterpieces in this museum; It is said that if you want to dedicate only 10 seconds to each work, you need 96 hours to visit this museum. The Lorraine Museum has three sections: the Rich olio section of the Louvre Museum to the north, the Soli section to the east and the Denon section to the south.

 The collections are scattered in different sections that are coded in different colors for easy navigation. A great map is available to help guide you through ticket sales. The following is a summary of the Louvre treasures, including information on the most important items in each section. This museum is one of the most famous sights in France.

Downstairs and Ground Floors: One of the best places to start a visit to the medieval exhibition is on the ground floor of the museum. Remains of Philip Augustus Castle can be seen here, as well as several 1980s artifacts found during excavations. On the ground floor are Egyptian and Greek antiques. While on the ground floor Etruscan and Roman antiquities include:

(Coffin of a married couple) and one (bourgeois gladiator), and Italian sculptures such as: Michelangelo’s dying slave, the psychic and Cupid Nano-classic Canova (1793).

 The lower floor of the Richelieu section exhibits French sculptures, including (giant Marley horse Guillaume Costo). On the ground floor of this section, a collection of French sculptures continues and works related to the 5th to 18th centuries.

 Also found here are Mesopotamian finds such as the Babylonian Hammurabi manuscript, one of the world’s first legal documents, dating to 1750-1793 BC.

Best time to travel to Paris

You can plan a trip to France all year round; However, the busy tourist season in Paris is from mid-June to August, as well as mid-December to early January. The typical tourist season is from April to mid-June, September and October

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